A calendar design that focuses on practicality easily at a glance Review 2 greatly popular Amazon Original Desk Calendar 2016 edition at once as a review

The calendar can now be easily seen with the free application of the smartphone or while getting inexpensive products such as a 100 yen shop, Amazon.co.jp has a slightly higher price setting desk of about 900 yen We release calendar every year. Because the design is refined little by little while following the annual concept that emphasizes practicality that can be confirmed at a glance up to the calendar of the next month according to the price firmly according to the price, how is evolving this year I checked it.

Amazon.co.jp: Amazon.co.jp Limited Original Calendar 2016 Desktop kindle: Stationery · Office Supplies

◆ Amazon Color
"Amazon.co.jp Limited Original Calendar 2016 Tabletop" has two types of "Amazon Color" and "Kindle Version" with different designs, but first of all the cover is seen from the yellow Amazon color reminiscent of Amazon's logo I will try. The cover color,2015 editionIt changes to a slightly brighter shade than it is.

In the lower left of the cover, the familiar Amazon.co.jp logo is included.

The ring that holds the calendar and pedestal is made of cardboard, making it strong enough not to deform at all by adding a little force.

The edge of the ring is embossed and fixed, there are no metal clasps etc, and all the other materials are made of paper, so the point of unnecessary unnecessary when discarding the calendar is also good.

When folding the bottom of the mount several times and firmly attaching the fold ... ...

In this way it is possible to make the calendar independent on the desk.

The size when standing on the desk is 13.5 cm in height × 18 cm in width × 8 cm in depth. Compared with the iPhone 6s Plus, the height is a little smaller.

The calendar is Sunday's beginning, the simple design where Saturday is blue, Sunday and holiday are written in red. The calendar spreads all the way to the left and right edges of the paper, and in the margin on the top it is a practical making that puts the space on paper to the limit, such as placing a mini calendar for three months before and after.

The space between the trout and the trout is separated by a dotted line, and the date figures are small at the upper left of the square, so it is enough size to write the minimum schedule. "Six Sundays" such as Daan and Buddhism are not listed, but the "National Holidays" such as New Year's Day and Adult Day are listed.

The mini calendar at the top of the calendar is three month's of the previous month, the next month, and the second month. When you want to check the date and the day of the week before and after the month, you can check it at a glance without having to turn the calendar.

On the back of the calendar, unlike the horizontal writing calendar until last year, six months' mini calendar for the month before last month, the previous month, the current month, the next month, the next month, the following month are written. I can save the trouble of turning the calendar, feeling that the convenience when seeing at a glance is improving more.

Horizontal space at the top of the calendar is based on Amazon's image color Orange, and designs are slightly different each month. Pop design in January where yellow polka dots shine in orange.

Featuring a tartan that makes winter clothes image in February.

In March, I draw striped patterns with three kinds of orange colors with different shades.

June is a design combining diagonal lines.

In September Japanese pattern based on Yabu "YasuriIt is like a shape like "(ridiculous)".

In December it looks like a warm knit.

Since the back cover comes with a 2017 calendar, even if you run out of the calendar at the end of the year, you can check the date of the following year perfectly until you buy the next calendar.

◆ Kindle version
Next, let's see the "Kindle version" where the illustration imitating the standby screen of the Kindle terminal is on the calendar. The paper used is a little thicker than the Amazon color calendar and is a little rough texture.

Illustration of the cover is a light pastel gradation, the design that children read under the tree is2012 editionIt is very similar to the desktop calendar. However, if you look closely well, you can see that the rabbits are appearing newly, that the details are slightly different, as the children's height has increased and the hairstyle has changed.

The ring part is made of cardboard as well as the Amazon color calendar. To match the design of the calendar, white rings are adopted.

The size is exactly the same as the Amazon color calendar.

I will turn around and see the calendar in January. Seasonal illustrations are drawn in light colors on the back of the calendar, and in January the designs where animals such as deer and squirrel are standing under trees with leaves dead. Notation of Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation and placement of mini calendar for 3 months before and after are exactly the same as the Amazon color calendar ......

The logo of the "amazon" at the top of the mini-calendar is color rather than black and white.

Since the font of the numeral of the date is thicker than the Amazon color, visibility is higher in the Kindle version.

The back side is a mini calendar for six months worth the month before last month, previous month, current month, next month, next month, two months after next.

The February calendar is a design where swans and parents live in the lake in the snow.

Flowers started to bloom in the tree in March.

In April, trees that flowers bloomed in full bloom, tulips, swallows and moles make me feel the arrival of spring.

In June of the rainy season, the father and son of the fox rain under the tree from the rain.

When comparing the two kinds of calendars, it looks like this. Because fonts are linear with Amazon color more refreshing, there is no illustration and it is a super simple design, so if you put it in the office, Amazon color seems to be better. The Kindle version on the other hand is a design that can be told that there is only a slight illustration on the back of the calendar and there is no extra element at all, so it seems to be used in various places regardless of gender.

In addition, Amazon.co.jp Limited Original Calendar 2016 is 918 yen including tax for both Amazon Kindle and Kindle version.

Amazon.co.jp: Amazon.co.jp Limited Original Calendar 2016 Desktop kindle: Stationery · Office Supplies

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