365 days I tried rolling over "2014 calendar cat full-length daybreak" which can enjoy various cats

Speaking of the calendar, it is used for confirming daily schedule management and date and day of the week, but in reality there are many people who have never purchased themselves before. Although there should be some people who do not have the calendar that they want to bother theirself or they will not be used even if they purchase it, the cat magazine issued by the Japanese publishing companyFelineCreated by the editorial department of "2014 calendar cat full moon day-roundSo if you can see the cute pictures of various cats everyday, it is a good calendar that you can view it as a photograph collection of cats and use it as a day-and-night calendar.

This is "2014 calendar cat turning full moon day".

There are 2014 letters on the side.

When comparing the size with iPhone 5, it looks like this.

It's quite thick as it is a daily calendar.

Taking this in hand, this size is 125 mm long by 165 mm wide.

That's why I will turn over at once.

Perry. One calendar sheet is as thin as the back is easily transparent.

In the calendar, cat photos are printed like this with Dodon like this, and the next big print is the date. Feeling that these two are jumping into my eyes as if I looked nervous.

The title is attached to the photograph, and the title of the picture on January 1, 2014 is "Welcome 2014!".

The day is written in Japanese and English on the calendar, and the date is written in red letters on Sundays and holidays. Other than sixth age and ....

Since the year, year, month, month calendar is also arranged, it is devised so that the schedule of the month is easy to set up. However, since the main part is the photograph of the cat and the date part, the impression that the other elements are printed conspicuously conspicuously.

I found a memo field on the back of the daily calendar.

I will turn around and see the cats more and more.

"The future is Soko soon"

"Will you be pulling together?"

"Personally Curiosity"

"This kid is totally!"



"Wait waiting"

Also, the calendar in January has a thin pink line on the side ... ...

February is light blue.

The color changes in every month, like yellowish green in March, making the transition of the moon easier to recognize.

In addition to the back of the calendar ......

It folds like this.

Then it transformed into a desk calendar like this.

I support the back with this kind of feeling.

"2014 Calendar cat round full-length daily" has been printed the largest photograph of the cat, so to the lastCalendar to use while enjoying catsis. So, if you want a practical calendarAmazon desk calendar desk calendarI recommend it. However, because it is a daily calendar, it is easy to check dates and days of the week, or you can enjoy different cat photos every day. It is a calendar that seems to give vitality to tomorrow for those who like cats and day-calendar lovers, or even want to heal tired minds at work by putting them around the desk.

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