What is the relationship between depression and junk food such as candies and chocolate?

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For women to treat depression that is likely to develop after menopausethe studyAlthough it is done, from the experiments targeting menopausal women, it turned out that junk food containing a lot of sugar was related to depressive symptoms.

The Strange Link Between Junk Food and Depression | TIME

The World Health Organization (WHO) raises "depression" as one of the modern diseases that have a major influence on modern society, but assistant professor James E. Gangwisch who is studying psychiatry at Columbia University " The diet content is related to depression "and it was announced in the journal of the American clinical nutrition society. Associate Professor Gangwisch loved sweet things when he was a child, but he said he realized that "the day I ate a lot of sweets, the mood tends to sink the next day."

Associate Professor Gangwisch, who had been interested in the relationship between junk food and depressive symptoms,Glycemic indexI investigated whether food with high GI (value of GI) is affecting depression. The GI value is an index that shows how much the blood sugar level will rise when you eat foods containing carbohydrates. I am studying women's health problemsWHIAnalysis of the questionnaire on "degree of diet and depressive symptoms normally eaten by postmenopausal women" of the Women's Health Initiative revealed that the person taking a meal with a high GI value is more likely to develop depression It became clear that sex is high.

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In addition, adding sugar to cooking increases the rate of causing depression, while dietary fiber, whole grain flour, fresh fruits and vegetables, lactose, etc. have low GI values ​​and proved effective for prevention of depression . Analysis by Associate Professor Gangwisch does not know the detailed mechanism of why food with a high GI value is related to depression, but one possibility is "to take too much sugar and starch into the internal organs inflammation And the cause of heart disease, "said Associate Professor Gangwisch. Excessive intake of sugar and starch,Insulin resistanceIt is also known as a cause of the fact that patients receiving treatment for depression often develop insulin resistance at the same time.

The research team of Gangwisch's associate professor is planning to continue research on not only postmenopausal women but also depression and dietary relationship between men and young women.

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