"Science of apology" that you can see why you do not hear official apology apologizing


People are forced to apologize when someone is hurt, apologies if they are celebrities or responsible officials in public places, but somehow it seems "they do not seem to apologize" Sometimes. A survey was conducted by a psychologist to find out why apologies differed among people, and the results of their research are announced.

An affirmed self and a better apology: The effect of self-affirmation on transgressors' responses to victims

StatusPage.io Blog - Why Most Public Apologies Suck

Former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, an American basketball teamDonald SterlingMr. Magic Johnson and others announced the recording of racial discrimination remarks made publicly apologize for many times but eventually the NBA was expelled and the $ 2.5 million (Approximately 300 million yen) was fined for disposal, and it has developed into a situation where the team is sold and the owner is lost.

In an interview, he said, "I am not racist, I always have a feeling of loving people, somehow my opinion of the problem seems to have gone out of my mouth", but people It is an example that well understood that it did not reflect as "sincerity with sincerity" in the mind of the mind.

◆ Science of a bad apology


Stanford University psychologist Carina Schuman studied 98 adults and created individual personal qualities and value rankings. Mr. Schumann grouped some of the 98 people and asked them to write briefly about "why the high ranking is important to them". After that, we asked all 98 participants to remember "I hurt someone but I am not apologizing", if I apologize I asked them to write out what to say.

Mr. Schumann conducts surveys based on the idea that "human beings have a strong tendency to maintain a" good image "of their own integrity, morality, appropriateness, etc." This idea has caused many apologies It seems to be causing causes to make it lie. People hurt their own ideal images when they hurt or disappoint someone, but people who were put in such a situation are trying to protect their egos quickly and apologize like Mr. Sterling It is said that it will be an "exciting apology" that can not be heard.

The apology sent by participants was individually checked, but the group who wrote about "Why is high ranking important to them?" Is far better than other participants "Defense of defense It was not "I wrote an apology. This was because we had time to think about my ideal image beforehand and it was less self-defense than other people. According to Schumann, if you self-affirm your ideal image for a few minutes before apologizing, you will find that self-defensive apology will produce worse results and eventually less damage to you. "Good It is said to lead to an apology statement.

According to Schuman, a typical "bad apology" has four characteristics, "justify unpleasant behaviors and fumes" "condemn the victim" "make excuses" "to minimize the situation "It will be a bad apology if it contains. Mr. Sterling said to Mr. Magic Johnson 's racial discourse: "All I said was wrong, I can not finish, he is a good man, what he wants to say is that he has not done I do not think so, he will not be a model for children in Los Angeles. "

StatusPage.io which summarizes Mr. Schumann's comment, "Mr. Sterling is a master class of a bad apology that kept the ego till the end" is commented.

◆ What is a good apology apology?

ByJulie Blaustein

It occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania State, USA in May 2015Amtrak derailment accidentThen, the lives of eight passengers were lost, and it was a serious accident that put out more than 200 injured people. When people's lives are lost, many companies try to cheat apologize well, but depending on how they apologize it is noisy even if the company goes bankrupt. Meanwhile, Amherst Joe Boardman CEO announced an apology immediately after the accident occurred.

A part of the apology sentence is extracted, "I express my condolences to the people who deceived more deeply than their hearts.The loss of them left us a big hole in our family and society.I represent the Amtrak family I wish to express my sincere condolences and pray to those who died and those who love them.Artrck deeply apologizes for our work that totally takes responsibility and has created this tragedy Mr. Schumann says "It is one of the best apologies of the present age".

In Schuman's research, eight methods of "effective apology" are explained, and it is as follows.
1:Actually use words of apology such as "I'm sorry"
2:Accept confusion / failure ("Amtrak takes full responsibility" part)
3:Tell the solution how to deal with the situation
Four:Explain what happened without pressing on others or accusing them
Five:Promise to improve the situation
6:Notify you that you understand how much you hurt · made you uncomfortable
7:Apart from "No. 2", I ask forgiveness using words that accept mistakes, such as "I was wrong"
8:Read Amtrak's apology and check where it applies to the above seven or more times

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