Just 14 years old boys show Rubik's Cube World Record Update, 5-second lesson

Rubik's Cube tournament held in Clarksville, Tennessee, USA "River Hill Fall 2015"A 14 - year - old boy updated the world record of the Rubik 's Cube. The boy completed the Rubik 's cube in 4 seconds 90, and it seems that it is a supernatural skill that is not exaggeration even if it is said that it is just a supernatural work.

Lucas Etter wins River Hill Fall 2015 | World Cube Association

The moment the world record of Rubik's Cube was born can be confirmed from the following movie.

Lucas Etter - 4.90 Official Rubik's Cube World Record - YouTube

Lucas Etter, only 14 years old, updated the world record. Before the start we check carefully 3 × 3 6 sided Rubik's cube.

Put the Rubik's cube and put both hands on the blue touch pad. Measurement starts automatically when both hands move away from the touch pad, Mechanism stops measurement when completing the Rubik cube and placing both hands on the touch panel.

Measurement start by lifting Rubik cube.

Etter Your fingertips will unravel the Rubik's cube at a terrifying speed.

I completed the Rubik cube in no time and put both hands on the touch pad ......

Etter you jumping.

The time is 4 seconds 90 and the world record is renewed brilliantly.

As the world record was born, the venue was excited and participants hugged Etter.

From here the shooting time with Etter began, and we share the pleasure of the birth of the world record.

Actually, just before Etter, you are 14 years old like EtterKeaton Ellis at the same event 5 seconds 09I blew up the record that I was updating the world record, but the world record exceeding that was born. River Hill Fall 2015 became a tournament to rock the Rubik's cube world that the world record is updated twice on the same day, and both 14 years old boys update.

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