Pokemon made a combination with Tekken "Poppen POKKEN TOURNAMENT" release date announcement & new character participation in the war

A game in which Pokemon and Tekken collaborated which had been popular at arcade "POKKEN TOURNAMENT"Wii U version release date was announced, and the new entry character was also revealed.

Nintendo Direct 2015.11.13 | Nintendo

Nintendo Direct 2015.11.13 Presentation video - YouTube


Pochu is a battle action game that combines tags with Bandai Namco's Tekken.

Rizzadon is on fire.


And what floats in the sky ......

Dark Mewtree participation decision.

A mysterious woman manipulating dark mewtwo.

Rukario will meet him.

Initial production benefits include amiibo card "Dark Mewtwo"

"Poppen POKKEN TOURNAMENT" is scheduled to be released on March 18, 2016, the package version is 7200 yen for tax, the download version is 6800 yen for tax.

The set with the Wii U body will be on sale the same day.

Subsequently, the latest information on "phantom story ___ FE".

Scheduled to be released on 26th December 2015, tax excl. 6700 yen

Wii U Karaoke starts delivery from December 1st

Also new information of Super Mario Maker.

Just the other day 's update, "Intermediate point" ... ...

"Coalescence item" has increased.

More than 3.3 million courses available

A portal site featuring a smart course search function will appear so that you can enjoy such Super Mario Maker more.

Scheduled update in December


Scheduled to be released on 17th December 2015

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival + Buy 2 amiibo bodies ......

Diorama kit can be obtained

Next is Wii U download software.

The first is a new horror adventure "Year Walk Last Revelation"

"YEARWALK Last Revelation" is a horror adventure on the theme of "YEAR WALK" that can be removed from the future.

It can be downloaded from today, the price is 741 yen plus tax.

The second one is "Tiny Thief"

"Sword & Soldiers" and "Sword & Soldiers II" appeared on the Wii U.

Buy two titles and make one title free.

Only Sword & Soldiers II launched on December 9 in the announced download software. Downloading other works from today.

If you buy either one is 400 yen discount.

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Supra Toon's big update will start today at 10 o'clock, over 40 new gears and 2 new stages at once - GIGAZINE

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