Battery-less LED light that permanently emits light at body temperature "Lumen"

There is an LED light which can emit light without sunlight etc. even if it does not have a battery, but LED light which can emit light without permanently inserting a battery can be used because it can emit the LED bulb by generating at the body temperature transmitted when touching with the fingerLumen"Appeared in Kickstarter.

Lumen - Eternal Flashlight That Does not Need Batteries by Rost - Kickstarter

Lumen 's LED lights are explained in the movie below.

The LED "Lumen" that can be used forever is like this.

The exterior is aluminum, with the central fingerprint mark switch. Tritium that is self-luminous is buried in the upper part, and in the lower right there is a hole for the key holder.

Using CREE's 5 mm LED bulb, the brightness is 3000 mcd (milli candela).

The thickness is 0.25 inch (about 6.35 mm), almost as much as a pen. The weight is also 50 g or less.

How to light the light, when you put your finger on the fingerprint mark ......

Depending on the body temperature it will shine quickly.

The part of the fingerprint mark isThermoelectric power generationIt is a module and it generates a sufficient electric current if it uses the temperature difference between the transmitted body temperature (about 36 degrees) and the surrounding environment (about 28 degrees) to emit enough LED bulbs. The aluminum body also fulfills the effect as a radiator.

How much illuminance can be obtained without using a battery is clearly illuminated if it is a meter ahead in the dark outdoors.

You can see that there are objects reflected so that you can recognize what is 3 meters away.

It is also possible to read letters in dark places.

When illuminating the keyhole at night, I do not have to worry about running out of the battery and it seems to be convenient to use.

Taking it to the outdoor is just right for making a horror atmosphere.

Also, even in a dark place tritium glows gently and makes it a landmark. Tritium is a type of radioactive substance regulated by the Radiation Injury Prevention Law, and if the content exceeds 1 GBq, it is subject to regulation. Regarding tritium contained in Lumen, developersFAQ page"Level that does not affect the human body", but it is unknown whether it becomes subject to regulation. In the past domesticallyMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology retrieve capsules filled with tritium exceeding regulated contentAnd it also describes details about possession.

There are four models of "aluminum body", "aluminum body + tritium", "titanium body", "titanium body + tritium" in Lumen, and there are models that do not contain tritium. Therefore, when used in Japan, "aluminum body", "titanium It seems better to choose the body ".

In addition, if you invest 35 dollars (about 4300 yen) in Lumen's project with Kickstarter, you can get one Lumen of "Aluminum Body" and get 1 Lumen of "Titanium Body" with a contribution of $ 45 (about 5500 yen) Is possible. Product shipping is planned around February 2016, the deadline of investment is 1:01 am on Saturday, November 14, 2015.

Lumen - Eternal Flashlight That Does not Need Batteries by Rost - Kickstarter

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