A strong man who injects 27,000 Joules of energy into his own railgun and instantly destroys the target

"DIY 250 lb Giant Mobile Railgun, 27,000 joules. (250 pounds, DIY with a huge portable rail gun of 27,000 Joules)" with his own hand-held rail gunZebralemurHas opened to you. It is a size feeling that it feels dull to call it "portable type" of 250 pounds (about 110 kg), but its appearance and power are awesome, and without using any gunpowder etc., only the power of electricity It has realized the speed of speed which can not be caught in slow motion movie.

DIY 250 lb Giant Mobile Railgun, 27,000 joules. - Album on Imgur

"Rail gun"Refers to a device that accelerates a bullet by electromagnetic induction and shoots it. For imaginary weapons that appear in science fiction, animation, games, etc.There are many rail gunsI tried, but Zebralemur made my own weapons like that.

A portable railgun with black and long uncut design. The bullet is made of aluminum. When you pull the trigger, you first use the carbon dioxide to accelerate the bullet to about 50 mph (about 80 kilometers per hour) beforehand, then the bullet is shot through two copper plate rails. When the bullet contacts the copper plate through which the high voltage flows, the bullet accelerates further due to the interaction of the magnetic field. However, when electricity is not flowing, strong friction will occur between the copper plate rail and bullet is. However, aluminum on the bullet surface melts at high voltage, and this molten aluminum will become a lubricant and reduce friction. It seems that current flow adopts C type (AC constant voltage control + AC current limit).

It is the creator Zebralemur that has a railgun.

The rail gun uses 27,000 Joules of energy, but it is a blue cylindrical condenser that supplies a large amount to this metal plate to supply it to the rail gun body. I used a capacitor of 6000 microfarads per capacitor and 56 pieces of the same condenser are used. The cost of preparing these capacitors is said to be $ 2,600 (about 320,000 yen).

A movie when you released the original railgun for the first time is released on YouTube.

Backyard RAILGUN: Field Testing the 250 lb Electric Gun, 27,000 Joule (max) - YouTube

A lot of condensers are loaded on the car carrier.

Rail guns also appeared.

It is this aluminum bullet that shoots out.

Connect condenser with metal plate ......

I set up a bare copper wire on this.

And to the railgun ......

Connect copper wire.

A little out of the barrel ... ...

Copper plate rail for accelerating bullets.

Bullets pass through this while accelerating.

Lid the gun barrel ......

Fixed by inserting things like bolts.

Trigger is like this.

So, for the first trial we will shoot the rail gun at 350V, 20,500 Joules.

The copper wire that was connected to the rail gun blew away at the moment of shooting.

Looking from another angle it is like this.

How far was the bullet flying ... ?.

Looking at the metal plate connecting the capacitors ......

Some were burnt down.

Mr. Zebralemur, a producer who does not end up laughing at me.

So like this, continue the cycle of "try shoot" → "refine" many times.

In the second trial shoot, I am targeting pumpkins.

EM Railgun Metal Vapor / Plasma Explosion. Launch # 2 - YouTube

It is clear that the copper plate rail is deformed by heat at the fourth time. Also, fix the condenser and the cable with bolts so that the cable does not blow off at the last time every shot.

250 lb Railgun vs. Car Door: 27,000 Joules. Launch # 4 - YouTube

In the fifth time, it fired to gelatin for ballistic measurement.

250 lb Railgun Confirmed lethality: Ballistics Gelatin Test. Launch # 5 - YouTube

In the seventh time we will shoot smartphone & pumpkin.

250 lb Railgun vs. Galaxy S3, 27,000 Joules, Launch # 7 - YouTube

The ninth and tenth trials are like this.

250 lb Railgun vs. 10 x Fine China Plates - Launches # 9 & # 10 - YouTube

The following movies were taken of the 12th trial shot. The piggy banknote box that came to be taken is being shot in slow motion as this is destroyed in pieces in an instant.

250 lb Railgun vs. Piggy Bank. Launch # 12 - YouTube

The target of the 12th trial is a pig's piggy bank.

This time it seems that the bullets are shot with energy of 27,000 Joules.

The moment of shooting, the screen is covered with a spark ......

The piggy bank is breaking down and falling apart.

From another angle.

At the moment when it fired, a spark wrapped around a pig's piggy bank ... ...

When the spark disappears, fragments pop out from inside.

I took it in slow motion from another angle.

You can see that the sparks are already scattering and falling apart before covering the pig's piggy bank.

After being shot through, it is wrapped in a spark ......

To pieces apart.

Zebralemur of the author proudly tells us that "This is the most powerful one among the railguns made in the private sector", but at the same time, "Although we are publishing the creation procedure, we recommend creation We do not mean that high-voltage condensers and high-speed bullets are extremely dangerous and can be asserted that this can not be made safely. "It is warning attention," Both absolutely should not try at home! " I am talking.

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