Former NASA engineer made a super gigantic water gun that can make two watermelons with water pressure

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World's LARGEST SUPER SOAKER !! (not clickbait) - YouTube

There is no power to split a glass plate into an ordinary water gun ... ...

Mark Rober made his own ... ...

If the world's largest "Super Soaker" ......

It is possible to split the glass plate splendidly.

It seems that I broke the glass amazingly enough that my neighbor could say "OK?"

Mark Rober made his own work this time, the world's largest "Super Soaker". There is a total length of 7 feet (about 2.1 meters).

It realizes range which is impossible with ordinary water gun.

The water that spouts vigorously ... ...

It is spewing with the threat of momentum of 437 km / h.

If it is related to this it is easy two wiener.

Besides, I'm paccari watermelon.

In ordinary water guns there are also bananas that do not bimp ......

It can cut with water pressure.

Keeping water on something for a while ... ...

Pon and explode.

It seems that aluminum cans can also escape.

If you bring this huge water gun to the place of water gun playing perfect for the hot summer ......

There is no doubt that it can be a hero.

This giant water gun was created by Mark Rober and Bob, Aibo, in cooperation.

Wake up drawing from genuine Super Soaker ... ...

Production is starting from wooden framework.

Make each part so that it approaches the appearance of Super Soaker.

Of course the paint is perfect.

And it was this huge Super Soaker that was completed.

In order to create a huge Super Soaker, Mark Rober says he talked to Lonnie Johnson, the developer of Super Soaker.

I heard that the prototype of Super Soaker was shown in that.

Each time the water gun moves the pump, the pressure rises by entering air into the tank containing water.

When pulling the trigger, the hose in the pump becomes the only way off, and the water spouts from the water gun. For this reason, the hose in the tank extends downwards so that water can pass as long as possible.

Even with the huge Super Soaker, the mechanism is the same, using high pressure nitrogen gas to increase the pressure, and the water is firing sharply. In addition, 2 gallons (about 7.6 liters) of water is allowed to enter the tank.

The hose part connected with the jet of the gigantic Super Soaker is controlled by the following equipment ......

It turns on and off with the switch attached on the huge trigger.

Destroy the egg with a huge Super Soaker created like this.

Super Soaker's water pressure is 275 kPa

Hose 350 kPa

Fire engine is 2000 kPa

In contrast, the gigantic Super Soaker has a maximum of 16,500 kPa

It boasts exactly power of magnitude.

It is easy to destroy watermelon on the street.

The nozzle part of the huge Super Soaker is removable, from a small hole ... ....

It is also a point that can be changed according to the application to a large one.

Increasing the hole increases power.

So, we started water gun play in order to have a good time in hot summer.

Speaking of "water guns" landscape ... ...

Mark Rober with a huge Super Soaker breaks in.

With water to vigorously spray ... ....

A man who blows away.

People who enjoy loudly and enjoying

A boy crying alone in it. It seems that he was surprised by too much momentum.

If you change the nozzle of a huge Super Soaker it seems to be safe to use even at short distance.

Although details concerning the creation of the huge Super Soaker were not revealed, it is possible to know a more detailed part in Bob's movie created with Mark Rober.

World's Largest Super Soaker with Mark Rober - YouTube

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