Comparing Nexus 6P & Nexus 5X with older Nexus 6 & Nexus 5, it looks like this

Nexus smartphone high-end model "Nexus 6P"Is the previous model's"Nexus 6For the first time in one year, the middle range model "Nexus 5X"Is the previous model"Nexus 5From the model change for the first time in 2 years, I tried to compare the old and new models mainly with the appearance.

Nexus 6P - Rugged metal frame - Huawei - Nexus - Android smartphone - Google store

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◆ Comparing Nexus 5X and Nexus 5
First, compare the 5.2 inch display Nexus 5X (left) with the 5 inch display Nexus 5 (right). Both Nexus 5 and Nexus 5X are in charge of manufacturing, so Nexus 5X seems to be a successor to Nexus 5. The big difference in the surface is that Nexus 5 has speakers on the bottom, while Nexus 5X has speakers on both sides of the bezel next to the display.

Nexus 5X is 72.6 mm wide, Nexus 5 is 69.2 mm, so there is not much difference.

However, Nexus 5X (left) which expanded the upper and lower bezel width in addition to the difference in display size has upsized by 1 cm more than Nexus 5 (right) which was 147.0 mm in length and 137.9 mm in length and was quite compact.

As you can see, Nexus 5X is slightly larger than Nexus 5.

The thickness of the Nexus 5X is 7.9 mm and the thickness of the Nexus 5 is 8.6 mm, which shows that the Nexus 5X is thinner.

The difference in width is slightly visible, and if you actually bring it you can understand the difference. The weight is almost the same as 136 g for Nexus 5 X and 130 g for Nexus 5, but the editorial staff who changed to Nexus 5 X as a former Nexus 5 user realized that the operability with one hand worsened due to size up And that.

Although the display size has increased, the resolution is the same as full HD (1920 × 1080), so there is no big difference on the display.

There is a difference between the position of the camera and the LED flash on the back, the laser sensor for AF, and the presence or absence of a fingerprint authentication sensor.

Button arrangement has also been changed. In Nexus 5X (top), volume button and power button are aggregated on the right side.

Nexus 5 (bottom) had volume buttons on the left side, but in Nexus 5X it has been changed to SIM card slot.

In Nexus 5, SIM card size which was micro SIM was changed to nano SIM size like Nexus 5X like iPhone series.

The big difference is also on the bottom.

The Nexus 5X (above) adopts Type - C USB port.

◆ Comparing Nexus 6P and Nexus 6
Then compare Nexus 6P (left) and Nexus 6 (right). Nexus 6 was made by Motolora, while Nexus 6P was changed by Huawei and manufacturer. For this reason, although Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P are not pure successors, they are successors as high-end models of Nexus smartphones.

Nexus 6P (left) is downsized from a 5.7 inch display and Nexus 6 (right), a 6 inch display. In both models, the resolution is WQHD (2160 × 1440).

Comparing the widths, you can see that Nexus 6P is considerably slimmer than Nexus 6.

Both of them are big screen folds, and the button arrangement is almost the same. Places where buttons are placed from the side of the side rather than general smartphones are very similar.

However, the position of the earphone jack on the top surface is slightly different.

Nexus 6P adopts Type-C USB port, and it evolved reliably from Nexus 6 which was a Micro-USB port.

The screen display is the same resolution and there is no big difference. Icon spacing is almost the same.

Compared to Nexus 6, it is clear that Nexus 6P is much more compact than Nexus 6.

For Nexus 6, which is almost impossible for one-handed operation, the Nintendo 6P seems to hurt the fingers as soon as the thumb and opposite side icons are touched. It might be possible to use Nexus 6P with one hand if the hand is large.

Discovered evolution by surprising points. In Nexus 6 you put it on the desk and it was playing, while Nexus 6P realized unspoiled stability.

When you operate Nexus 6P and Nexus 6 on the desk, the difference of clouds to rattle - YouTube

Nexus 6P seems to reliably respond to demand "I want to use it as it is placed on the desk because of the large screen."

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