The cause of "Seiram Witch trial" in which 19 people were executed by witch hunting may be hallucinogen "LSD"

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A girl suddenly ramped up in Salem village in the eastern part of the United States, people who were around the girl also caused abnormal behavior, so that a series of cases where villagers' witch hunting was done was "Salem Witch trial"is. It was a painful case that innocent people were tortured and eventually 19 villagers were hanged, but explain that the cause of Salem Witch trial was "LSD" rather than collective hysteria The movie is released.

The hallucinogens that might have sparked the Salem Witch Trials - YouTube

"Salem Witch Trial" is "witch hunting" that took place in Salem village of Massachusetts, USA from February 1692 to May 1693.

Witch hunting began as more girls began to take actions such as suddenly violent, and nearly 200 villagers were accused as "witches" and 19 people were executed, which resulted in a disastrous result.

A series of riots is said to be caused by collective hysteria, elimination of political adversaries, or pursuit of purity that has gone too far.

What would be supposed to be if there was another cause in "Salem Witch Trial"?

The cause of witch hunting may have been "bread".

Psychologist Linnda Caporael in the 1970s, the Salem Witch trial occurred was "ErgotIt was reported that it was the cause.

Eragrophytes are mainly found in rye, and by eating rye bread with ergot bacteria, "Ergotism poisoningIt may cause symptoms called ".

People who have fallen into ergotism have necrosis of limbs and ... ...

I will complain about a pain like rolling as if twisting or stabbing the intestines and abdomen. The symptoms of such sudden ergot poisoning are also consistent with "abnormal behavior" in the Salem Witch trial report.

And the effect of ergy bacteria on the human body is more than just "pain".

Known as a powerful hallucinogenLSD"Is synthesized from ergot bacteria.

It has been confirmed that there is a hallucination effect only by ergot bacteria that are not concentrated as LSD. Since it is also recorded that there was a man stating that "a small light in the chimney was seen" in the report of Salem Witch trial, the phenomenon caught as "witch's magic" may be explained as a hallucination Hmm.

In addition, the villagers at the time took the method of giving the dog "witchcake" made by mixing rye and "witch urine" to see if the accused person was a witch.

There is not much record on what kind of response the dog who ate the witchcake showed, but if the infected dog shows the symptoms such as convulsion, the possibility that it was regarded as "proof as a witch" It is fully conceivable.

Also, in 1692 it was known that a storm had occurred in the area where Salem village is located, and there are all conditions suitable for breeding ergy.

One year later the witch trial ended, it is also consistent with the fact that drought occurred in 1693, as the ergot has died.

However, it is said that it is hard to believe that the health of Salem village at that time was good and it was vitamin deficiency that promotes ergotism. Therefore, there is also a theory that there is no indication that the ergotism is spreading ... ...

The possible theoretical theory is that the infection began through a slave that was in poor health. When the girls with villagers and slaves gathered, it is considered that the ergot was infected.

In this way, although many scholars support the theory that "magical identity is ergot poisoning", do not forget that it was the society of the time that ultimately sent villagers to the witch trial eventually It is a fact.

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