Casio 50 Years of Crystal, "A Proud to Have" Life Mono Premium Calculator "S100" Review

A premium calculator with Casio's "Proud, to use pleasure" concept from the Casio Computer "S100"Has appeared. It is said that Casio has become an indispensable calculator that gathered the technology and commitment that Casio has cultivated over 50 years since releasing the calculator, so what kind of comfort you can experience can be borrowed, It was.

Casio Premium Calculator [S100] Concept - CASIO

You can see from behind the movie that you are patching the "S100" sticking to the comfort of the key.

Casio's Flag Model Calculator "S100" crackling and feeling like this - YouTube

"S100" arrived in a case as if the tablet was in it.

The case has a dual structure, and a box comes out from inside.

Pakkati opened S100 which came in a cushion material when opening it.

In the case, it has entered a plate written as "CASIO CALCULATOR S100", and it produces a high-class feeling. Casio's first electronic desk calculator "001" was released in 1965, Casio has had a major impact on the calculator industry,"S100" follows the product name of the first calculatorIt is said that "S" is attached from "Special".

That's why Kole is a flagship model calculator "S100" that casio 50-year calculator history is packed.

The key arrangement looks something like this, the "00" key is under "1".

At the bottom of the LCD screen are two types of knobs that can adjust the fractional number and position of the decimal point, the left is "Round Selector", the right is "Decimal Point Selector".

Push "AC" key to use.

Numbers are now displayed on the liquid crystal.

The key of S100 is "two-color molding finish", making it difficult for numbers to disappear even for long-term use, making it conscious of heavy users. Adopted the industry's first "V-shaped gear link structure" and "Thin type isolation key".

Even if you push anywhere on the key, the pressure direction will not be blurred, so it will be possible to operate keys with stability.

You can see how much the key stamping feeling differs, compared to the old calculator movie from the following.

Compared Casio's Flag Model Calculator "S100" with the old Calculator - YouTube

If you press the Tax Calculator button, convenient functions that immediately understand the consumption tax of 8% are also attached.

The liquid crystal display is like this, "Double-sided AR coat display window" "FSTNLiquid Crystal "is adopted. The transmittance of light such as fluorescent light becomes high, and information is clearly displayed under various light sources.

The liquid crystal knows that the angle is attached to the throat in the window.

The elastomer resin stopper is affixed on the back side, and it does not happen that "Calculator moves when you hit" that tends to be a cheap calculator.

It is slightly different from rubber but it has a smooth texture, but certainly the stability is exceptional.

The cut aluminum body has a hard feeling, and how it looks looks different from how it looks with light. Aluminum on the surface is a hairline finish, so there is a line in one direction.

Bezel part is border by diamond cutting, it is like a tablet rather than a calculator.

If you take it in your hand, you will notice unexpected weights from the calculator. It is not that it is heavy and tiring, but a weight with a reasonable quality.

Actually, it was 237 g.

Looking from the side it looked something like this.

Note that "S100" has been on sale from 30th September 2015, and although the price is open price, the expected market price is expected to be 27,000 yen tax. As a calculator, it is classified as a product of a considerably high price range, but there is a casual luxury feeling while being simple design, people in the profession who show calculators to customers etc., and those who use the Bari Balary calculator everyday, It may be ants to have one as a premium calculator.

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