The future car "Vision Tokyo" drawn by Mercedes is a state-of-the-art living space

Tokyo Motor Show 2015Concept car that Mercedes · Benz will be the world's first public at "Vision TokyoWe announced. Vision Tokyo is a moving body with a future-oriented design and a unique space.


Arrived at the Mercedes-Benz booth.

Presentation started. Design sketch of 'Vision Tokyo' which will be the world's first public release.

It is not just a moving means, but a moving digital tool

Mercedes-Benz seems to think that the car will change to the "cutting-edge living space" in the future.

Image of driver's seat. Of course automatic operation is also possible.

That's why Vision Tokyo was unveiled. The front grill is a flashy blue LED.

Looking from the front like this.

The size is 4803 mm in total length × total width 2100 mm × total height 1600 mm. "Residential space" When emphasizing performance, it seems that it will arrive at a shape like a minivan.

The wheel is also shining.

The door opens like a gull wing with a single piece.

Tail lamp around the rear window.

I think it is a mirror, it looks like a blinker.

Vision Tokyo has adopted a hydrogen fuel cell as a power source, has a prediction engine by deep learning, learns about passengers and their preferences every time they drive. It is developed with a view to the future far beyond the next generation car.

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