Honda "Driver 2 & 4 powered by RC 213V" photo review

At the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 venue, Honda has fused two wheels and four wheels, a seat and driver exposed bare car style machine "Honda Project 2 & amp; 4 powered by RC 213 V"Is exhibited.


Arrived at the Honda booth. A powerful phrase "beyond my thought" is pushed out to the front.

Inside the booth was a concept car "Honda Project 2 & 4 powered by RC 213 V" that crossed the barriers between two wheels and four wheels.

A famous car that brought F1 first win to Honda "RA 272"Hinomaru color which reminds me of, the driver is the exposed formula car style.

However, it is too much bare ... ....

Looking from the side like this. "Floating sheet" of innovative design as if the seat is floating is adopted.

It seems like two clutchless pedals.

You can see the display beyond the small diameter handle.

The pattern outputting from the front projector.

The seat can be changed left and right. Of course, a two-seat tandem style is also possible.

When turning to the rear, two mufflers protrudingDiffuserIt is impressive full mark.

Actually, the big feature of "Honda Project 2 & 4 powered by RC 213 V" is an ant on this engine mounted on the rear. This is a 999 cc 4-cylinder engine of the RC 213 V public road use version "RC 213 V-S" who is participating in MotoGP, and it has become a high-speed engine that knocks out 215 hp at 13,000 rpm.

Honda Project 2 & amp; 4 powered by RC 213 V is a concept model developed by collaboration between two wheel designers and four wheel designers, "The engine is RC 213 V and combines the feeling of opening of two wheels and the performance of four wheels It was said that an idea was recruited under the condition of "things".

Originally it was just an in-house competition, Honda's technical soul sparked out, various excellent designs were applied and the competition is incandescent.

Eventually I made a real car and decided to show off at the motor show.

According to Honda officials, Honda Project 2 & amp; 4 powered by RC 213 V is a concept model and running tests etc are not done yet.

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