Summary of companies and organizations nominated for the 4th Black Enterprise Award in 2015

Seven - Eleven · Akatsuki Industry · Fuji Food System · ABC · Mart · Meiko Yoshika · Mois moving company total of six nominations were made.

Black Enterprise Awards: 4th Black Enterprise Award 2015 nominees announced!

The following is the nomination reason for each company / organization.

◆ Seven - Eleven Japan Co., Ltd.(Reference 1:Seven - Eleven, what I lost by losing selling trial price cut price cuts ~ different industry of other peers | business journal, Reference 2:Seven - Eleven loses confirmed Canceled due to selling restrictions: Asahi Shimbun Digital)

In response to unfair business pressures of the Seven headquarters represented by "close-off sales", member shop owners and others requested collective bargaining by forming "convenience store chain store union" in 2009. The company insisted that "the shopkeeping owner is not a worker," he refused bangs, but in March 2002 Okayama prefectural labor committee recognized the workers' characteristics under the labor union law of member shop owners and so on, Is out.
In recent years, "black byte", which acts as a student part-time worker as well as regular employees, but also with low treatment that disturbs the student life is becoming a social problem, and convenience bytes are representative industries. Although convenience store headquarters companies have denied their responsibilities as individual shop owner's shoulder responsibility for these problems, blackbait is spreading to the industry, the headquarters got severe exploitation from affiliated shop owners and so on Can be said to have been the result of student part - time job. This structure is common to convenience stores, but Seven Eleven is the overwhelming industry in the industry, is also a pioneer in establishing a convenience store franchise in Japan, has a large responsibility and role within the industry, and said case is a convenience store I nominated for saying that it is a symbolic case showing the structure of the industry.

Akatsuki Sangyo Co., Ltd.(Reference 1:Newcomer suicide is "power hara" Fukui District Court ruling, first minor recognized as a first: Nikkei newspaper, Reference 2:Akatsuki Industry in Fukui, in-house bullying 19 years old New employee suicide "to quit" "dead" ... the end of the "brainwashing": MyNewsJapan, Reference 3:Suicide and suits due to power harassment - Social news:

In December 2010, a 19-year-old male employee who worked at the company's maintenance and inspection department died at his home and died. The man began working as a part-time job at the company in February the same year he was in high school and joined as a regular employee in April after graduation. However, after joining the company, he is obsessed with verbal abuses such as "I can quit", "I want to quit", "I want to die", "Waste of time only for opponent", "Waste from time, if you do not fix it" He was believed to have fallen into depression in late November. Including these verbal abuses, men are ordered to take notes from the leaders' memorandum, and evidence of this record The Fukui Labor Standards Inspection Office in July 2012, the cause of suicide by men was the power hara It was certified as.

◆ Fuji Food System Co., Ltd. ("Maito Okinawa Dining Center" "Kushii-no Monogatari" etc.)(Reference 1:Fuji Food, payment of unpaid wages as temporary money 267 million yen: Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Reference 2:Fuji Food System of "Maido Okini Dining Hall" and store managers Delivery of documents Long-term labor and alleged wage unpaid - Sankei WEST)

In April this year, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare established the "Special Measures Against Excessive Labor Expense" (known as Kataku) in Osaka and Tokyo as measures against black companies, the first time in Osaka it will be sent documents.
According to each news report, despite letting 19 employees work overtime over a period of 54 to 133 hours a month, they paid no extra wages. Another store manager talked about tampering the working hours as "feeling with the air", and for the two employees the overtime fee was also said to have not been paid. Some employees suffer from psychiatric illness due to long hours work, some people quit their jobs.
Although Fuji Food System had corrective guidance from the Labor Bureau in the past, it is said that improvement is not seen and this document delivery has been made.

◆ ABC Mart Inc. (ABC Mart)(Reference 1:ABC Mart of shoe sales, illegal overtime 100 hours operating company etc. Document delivery - Sankei news, Reference 2:ABC Mart's overtime, suspicion of suspicion over 100 hours a month Sending out: Asahi Shimbun Digital)

In April of this year, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare was the first case to have been sent a document for black companies since establishing "Special Measures Against Excessive Labor Injury" in Tokyo and Osaka as a measure against black companies.
The company was repeatedly corrected and guided by the Labor Bureau, but no improvement was seen.
In the press release announced on July 2, it announced that "Labor management system etc. to establish a system to prevent such problems in all stores" to prevent recurrence.
According to each news report, the site is permanently short of manpower. While reducing employees, they say they work long hours for working people. ABC Mart has renewed its highest profit for 16 consecutive years.

Ming Kwon Network Workjapan (Meiko Gijuku)(Reference 1:Recommended advising counselor for "Individual guidance institute" labor environment - Bait lecturer "Comet salary is the basis of the problem" | Lawyer Dot Com news, Reference 2:Wage unpaid at "Meiko Gijuku", corrective recommendation to operating company: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE))

For individual teacher cram schools, the problem of "commutation", in which wages are not illegally paid to work other than class, against lecturer part-time jobs is spreading and is a symbol of "black byte". For Minghonet Work Japan, Black Byte Union and Individual Instructor Juku Union are calling for improvement of working conditions of the company and franchise management company and collective bargaining is under way.
In October 2015, a corrective recommendation was issued from the Sendai Labor Standards Inspection Office due to unpaid wages (labor group law 24 violation) based on the declaration of a student lecturer part-time jober in his 20s working in a classroom in Miyagi prefecture directly operated by the company. The company paid "class pay" for classes and an allowance equivalent to 30 minutes a day for non-class work, but one hour by preparing for classes, seeing off the students, filling in the report, cleaning up, etc. There were permanent unpaid labor in excess. The student said, "Although it is a job for the students, wages are not paid and I was not convinced."
Also in the franchise classes at Meijo Gakuju throughout the country, recommendations are being made to rectify labor bases in Ibaraki this August and Saitama, Tokyo and Osaka in October.

◆ Moving corporation Kanto (moving company of Ali's mark)(Reference 1:"Ali-san's moving house" Actual state of money requested to mistaken employees │NEWS post seven, Reference 2:Painful news (No ∀ `): Mr. Ali's moving company Transferred to the shredder staff on standing → Put the paper written as" guilty "pasted (with image) - Livedoor blog, Reference 3:The painful news (No ∀ `): 【video】 Moisa's moving company's vice president's correspondence is too yakuza to talk about topics ..." What's Wallee! "" Aho-o-ka-kora "and killing - livedoor blog)

Moving company Kanto was dismissed in August 2015 suddenly Mr. A in disciplinary action in August 2015 as a result of transferring Mr. A who was an employee of the company and formerly a sales position to a shredder clerk and the reason for the disciplinary dismissal "Charges", etc., and created a document (a guilty paper) containing a photograph of Mr. A's face, and posted it at shops across the country within the group. In addition, the company also posted a similar sentence in employee in-house newsletter that sent employees, and sent this to group employees to belonging employees.
When Mr. A filed a provisional disposition to Tokyo District Court appealing invalidation of disciplinary dismissal, the company immediately withdrew the dismissal and ordered reinstatement. However, when Mr. A comes to the office, a lot of documents that were regarded as "guilty papers" have been stamped in the company, and even the documents with a description such as Mr. A's face picture and "North Koreans return home" It had been.
In response to Mr. A's labor union (Precaria Art Union) 's protest actions, executives of the company asked concerned parties of the same union, "Hey, hey!" "What do you mean"! I tried to approach it, which is not ordinary, such as "Try to say, this is it!" The movie with this scene became a hot topic, and it reached more than 1.9 million times on you tube (as of October 26).
In addition to Mr. A's invalidation of disbursement from Mr. A to the company, the company was deducting from salary by all employees to bear damages to breakage of relocated parcels, etc., A trial has taken place to regain this throughout the country.
In addition, Mr. A and former employees are accused of having a criterion suspected of being racial discrimination and Buraku discrimination according to recruitment standards.

Mr. Ali's Moving Company "Chase Room" Incident Company Protest Behavior October 1, 2015 Disarmament dismissed Even though it was withdrawn, the "guilty papers" were increasing! - YouTube

The web voting corner will be set up on the official website from around 20 o'clock on Tuesday, 27th (Tuesday), and an award ceremony will be held on Sunday, November 29 (Sun).

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