Special stage report that shows what kind of work is "Prince of Stride" of decision to make TV animation

"Prince of Stride" (PRISTO) which was announced as a TV animation in the work event developed in September, which was developed with visual novels, drama CDs, games, "Machi ★ Asobi vol.15" Prince of Stride "special stage in Machi ★ Asobi ~ Run through Bizan!" Was held. In the event Kyousa Kyosuke's roleJunichi SuwabeMr. Yumi Himimiya's roleYamashita DaisukeMr. Masaru attended and gathered many female fans gathered.

"Prince of Stride" Special Stage in Machi ★ Asobi ~ Run through Mount Bashan! ~

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Mr. Masako Kawaioka of KADOKAWA served as event progress. What is wearing is a jersey of Hainan high school where the hero enrolls.

Next, Daisuke Yamashita and Junichi Suwabe appear in Jersey High School Jersey as well. Incidentally, Kusuke Kuga played by Mr. Suwabe is a student at Danan High School, but Yumitomiya Yumi who is acting as Princess Yumiya was a very rare figure since it is the Ichijikan High School.

"Tell me Teist! IN Bizzan Mountain Top", so what is a priest? A story started from the place.

"Prist" "Prince of Stride"Dengeki Girl's SizeVisual novel which is serialized in. Drama CD was made from there, and an adventure game with PlayStation Vita was made.

The term "stride" that is also included in the title of the work refers to stride length, but here it refers to the imaginary sports stride that appears in the work. Stride is an athletics competition conducted in town by a group of five runners and one religion. Suwabe-san's "Is it an obstacle relay in the town" is expressing this sport outright. Relayers are responsible for giving instructions to each runner,Hanazawa KanaMr. Naka Sakurai acting as a 1st grade relay shower is the hero.

Hainan Gakuen enrolled as a hero is a school that used to earn second place at Stride's East Japan convention "End of Summer". Mr. Suwabe points to Mr. Kadomitsu Stride, Director of department manager, Hiroki Shimono who plays.

By the way, Kuga played by Mr. Suwabe is a 3rd grade of the former stride department, but now it is a translation and I am away from the department. There was something that was not in visual clique visuals and its appearance was distinctive, and Mr. Yumioka had been stabbed "somehow like a rasubos".

This is "Seishin Gakuen". It is a school that grows not only stride but also idol. Tadashi Senoo enrolled at this school said that Tatsuo Suzuki plays in Kyo words, cheers were raised from female fans who visited the venue.

Among various rival schools, "Ichijikan High School" is closely related to the stage today. The most prominent, Hamamiya Yui Li whose hair color is black & golden character plays Mr. Yamashita.

Mr. Suwabe who responded with "Two lie!?" Without thinking of the setting of two-tone bangs with half Russia. Since it is a school in Hokkaido, I speak in dialect "Narara".

I also understand that this twin tail, Mr. Suwabe screams.

Furthermore, there are still many rival schools. There are 8 schools in eastern Japan with a total of 60 characters.

Cast looks something like this, the name of the selling child male voice actress is slick. A dream team like a delusion is realized.

In the second half we challenge the game corner "High touch with your feelings!"

We put together the answers of the two people to the subject, and we extended high-touch one after another.

Such "prist" is determined by the electric shock Girls' s Sirele 11th month from the serial series of the rival school.

In addition, the drama CD series that draws after the ending of the game is also decided to be released.

Amusement fruit parlor of Akihabara where Golden Bomber song song jun serving as a producerAutumnLeafAlso decided collaboration.

And TV anime "Prince of Stride Alternative" started broadcasting from January 2016.

As the new information on the stage, the opening theme of this animationOxT(Octo) was in charge of the task was announced.

Two people of OxT (left: Tom - H @ ck, right: Oshimasa Yoshi) are on stage.

We unveiled the TV size version of the opening theme "Stride".

"Prince of Stride" which is going to be more exciting towards animation from now on, because it is a story of men who put youth on land, it was said that men as well as women want to have fun.

The animation "Prince of Stride Alternative" starts in January 2016.

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