"Hacka Doll Machi ★ Association Special Stage" which was a collapse of abdominal muscle with chaos development appeared Chunichi disease control &

Jumping out of the news application From October 2, 2015 it was animated "Hacka Doll"But,"Machi ★ Asobi vol.15"Held a special event. In the special event, in addition to Hacca Doll No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 also appeared, with 4 persons presenting a chaotic expansion of spreading a minicoment, and even the "yea's living life" I came out and the venue was wrapped up with a big burst of laughter even though I do not understand what it is.

Hacka Doll Machi ★ Association Special Stage


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"Hakka Doll Machi ★ Association Special Stage" is held at the Meishan forest stage.

It is DeNA 's chairmanNaoya OkamuraMr. is.

Mr. Okamura introduces people of Hakkador and the venue gets excited at a stroke.

First of all, greet one by one. Miyuki Takagi of Hacka Doll No. 1 is glad that he returned to Tokushima again.

Mr. Kaya Okuno of Hacka Doll 2 also greeted me well.

Mr. Yamashita Nanihama of Hacka Doll No. 3 was sent from Tokushima and a big encouragement was sent.

Rena Uena of Hacka Doll No. 4. It is the first time to participate in the event of Hacka Doll as No. 4, it is full of enthusiasm.

When I greet the greeting is seated and talk started. In the special stage we will talk about Hacka Doll's apps and animations in detail.

I just started talking about the subject while impersonating other members, saying "I shuffle it out" in a corner that I am not interesting when talking.

Four people on the stage draw one card with each name written on the back and answer the question while impersonating the person whose name was written on the card drawn.

Everyone closes his eyes and draws a card that draws back.

Takagi of No. 1 decided to imitate Mr. Okuno of No. 2.

Mr. Okuno is Imami of Mr. Ueda of No. 4.

Mr. Yamashita of No. 3 was decided to impersonate Mr. Takagi No. 1 and Ueda 4 of No. 4 Mr. Yamashita.

Mr. Yamashita was supposed to answer the first question, "What is the application of Hacka Doll?" I seriously imitated the slightly higher voice of No. 1, but no one can understand what the voice is too high and talking about, and the venue will be surrounded by burst of laughter.

Mr. Yamashita was again to answer the question "What kind of character is Hacka Doll 1?", But because Mr. Yamashita says Mr. Okamura, who is moderator for some reason, "It is not fun for two consecutive times" I nominated. Mr. Okamura who can do impersonation of Takagi with an exquisite cheek.

Takagi says to the next question "What kind of character is Hacka Doll 2?" While impersonating No. 2, he talked "No. 2 is cheerful and very cute character!" And he said that he was "not similar", but a big applause was raised from the hall.

Mr. Ueda answered with the impersonating question, "What kind of character is No. 3?" With impersonation No. 3, and the voice saying "Like a Nanini when sleepy (Mr. Yamashita)" was coming from other members was raised from other members It was.

Question for Mr. Okuno who imitates No. 4 is "What character is No. 4?" Mr. Okuno stood up with tension rising and showed impersonation # 4 with a gesture.

Mr. Ueda stood up so that he could be caught by Mr. Okuno, minicomponent started by two people. Lastly Mr. Yamashita stopped the minicoment in between, and the venue laughs out again.

Okuno answered the question "What kind of animation is Hacka Doll?" In the second week. Hackador is a work that anyone can see the gag element strongly, and it is interesting to see it with everyone. Also, when asking the question "What is the recording site like?" To everyone, "I am doing a very good tempo and having fun" "Everyone is playing jokes in good meaning, "There is an endless field" "Since animation is complete, it can be seen from anywhere and guests appearing every time are also dense members, so I am looking forward to recording," and so on, the amusing atmosphere of the recording site is transmitted here I will come.

Next to "Shuffle, you will learn it," "Anxiety solution! Hakka Dora Sero" to answer the theme of "I am troubled because I do not have the trouble" gathered up with delusions began in the Okiri format.

People who applauded the most in "Worries Solving! Hakka Dora Sero" were judged by clapping of customers and the winner got a sweets present.

第1問は「男子中学生です。自分は堕天使ルシファーの生まれ変わりで聖戦<ラグナロク>に備え秘密結社『第五機関』に記憶を封じられて(ry どうしたら妹が信じてくれますか?」という中二病全開のお悩みです。

Mr. Takagi stood up and suddenly began to perform as if he had entered into a role of something. That acting seems to be drawn into the world of fallen angel Lucifer in one stroke, but because it is too serious, the venue will be enveloped by great laughter.

Mr. Okuno and Mr. Ueda join as well as "Only can not lose" Minicoment begins with three people.

While a skit of a level that can not be followed anymore, a Yamashita-san became a dog this time and said "bow-wan", chaotic state anymore.

Okamura's forcible termination with the voice "end - !!" here. The customer is delighted with a big applause.

Reward the mind and go to the 2nd question "Make mushrooms vs Takehiko no Sato village Takinoko no Sato" think about the movement of the habitat (please demonstrate) ".

Originally it seems they were planning to show dance one by one, but for some reason four people will do. When asking which dance to do "mushrooms" and "bamboo shoots" one by one, Takagi says "mushrooms", Ms. Okuno and Ms. Yamashita "bamboo shoots", and Ueda san "Morinomori" I mean to do it. What is it with Morinosato ... ....

Mr. Ueda who plays Mori no Mori takes a rhythm with "Zuncha Zunzun Cha ♪", and everyone started to dance without doubt. This is also forcibly terminated by Mr. Okamura's shouting again.

Rewarded again and the third question is "Please show me a model of how to sell rubber straps and muffler towels that are Hacka Doll goods."

In addition, the rubber strap is set to 800 yen for each set with mini colored paper, Hacka Doll muffler for 2000 yen for gusset ★ Asobi vol.15 Goods that are on sale. Goods are sold during the event period at the DeNA Hacka Doll booth at Shimaji Boardwalk, one of the gore ★ Asobi venues.

Mr. Ueda of No. 4 starts answering, but again talks to strange talks and four people again showed mini-com. The condition of friendship of the four people is transmitted, and the customers are also quite satisfied with their laughter.

Complete one more question and "End your trouble! Hakka Dora Sero" is over. It was an expansion that almost all questions were answered with minicomput by everyone, but do not forget that there is a present for the person who did best. I mean, I saw four enthusiasts, such rules had disappeared from my head. If you ask customers to applaud their names one by one to decide the winner ......

Ueda of No. 4 was the most applauded. Although I was a little shy, it was clear who Mr. Ueda was taking the initiative in minicomput, no matter who saw his eyes.

The winning gift is a Halloween candy set.

This is also divided by 4 people. They are very good friends.

From here special guests, "Uh no sa no yodo" appears on stage.

Two people muzzy. Well, she said that she feels good with fluffy touch.

Utah who is doing a crochet called "Hacka Doll No. 5 (self-name)" without permission is not going to be number 5, but it seems that there is a possibility of appearing in an application and animation. Although details were not announced, it is said that please expect it.

This ends "Hakkodorumashi Association Special Stage". The stage was hatchamacha, but the guests were very satisfied and just applauded applauded.

Even after the stage ended, it seems that the low play of fallen angel Lucifer continued.

In addition, "Hackador: news app that syncs with you"Google PlayWhenApp StoreIt is delivered in,Web versionAlso open to the public. TV anime "Hacka Doll THE あ め め ~ し ょ ん"Is broadcasted on TOKYO MX and others"Ultra Super Animation TimeIt is broadcasted within the frame.

· Additional notes 2015/10/11 10: 43
Mr. Miyuusa Takagi of No. 1 from November 10, 17:20 at the DeNA Hakkador booth in Shinkumichi Boardwalk, one of the venues of Machi ★ Asobi, Kajiya Okuno No. 2 and Nanami Yamashita of No. 3 An autograph session was held.

In front of the booth, people with pre-distributed numbered tickets are making long lines.

Members of Hacka Doll who signs while interacting with the fans.

The momentum of the special stage as it is the autograph session is held in a fun atmosphere.

Fans also seemed to enjoy.

After the autograph session, it was a shame at the commemoration shoot. By the end of the autograph session, the neighborhood was dark, but there were three people with constant smiles.

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