I tried the taste of the old "Mito clan ramen" which reproduced ramen for the first time in Japan

In modern times, it is a ramen loved by many Japanese people and said to be a national meal, but the first thing I ate in Japan was "Mito KomonIt is said that it is the Mito lord of the Edo period known as Mitsuaki Tokugawa. It was reproduced as much as possible with reference to the material of the time such ramen said that Mr. Huangden ate at that time "Mito clan ramenWith modern ramen, you can enjoy a marvelous taste that is quite different from personal taste.

Local Ramen | Two major ramen in Mito "Mito clan ramen & stamina ramen" 【Miroo City Kawasaki noodle place in Ibaraki prefecture】

There are several stores in Mito city, Ibaraki Prefecture, where you can eat the Mito clan noodles, 1 shop in Tokyo, 1 shop in Kyoto. I went to "Ishida shop Mito clan ramen" in the place near from JR Mito station in particular.

Ishida shop Mito clan ramen is located about 20 minutes on foot from Mito station. The appearance is "everything is a Chinese restaurant in town."

There is a dedicated parking lot just outside the shop so it is quite comfortable to head by car.

The letter of "For the first time in Japan to eat ramen is Mr. Huangmen" for the delivery car which was stopped in front of the shop. Mr. Huang gate seems to be considerably eating, and he seems to have eaten dumplings, cheese, milk sake, black bean natto etc. for the first time in Japan besides ramen. In addition, this era seems to have been forbidden to eat meat according to the fifth general general of the Edo shogunate, Tsunayoshi Tokugawa's "The Order of Mercy of Mercy", but Yellow gate tears it and tastes mischievous gastronomy It seems to have been.

That's why I tried entering the store immediately. There are no table seats in the shop, there are only 10 counter seats.

With this menu, we have pretty plentiful menus just ramen including Miso Ramen, Tanmen, One Tanmen, Goko Ramen, Stamina Ramen etc. besides the Mito clan ramen. There is also a menu with a set of ramen and rice. However this time I ordered "Mito clan ramen (800 yen including tax)" separately.

Seasonings such as chopsticks and soy sauce, rarin oil etc at the counter.

Discovery about the Mito clan ramen. I will wait for ramen to come out while reading it vaguely.

The shop seems to be introduced in various media. Actually, while I was waiting for ramen, the guests who came to the shop for the Mito clan ramen were scary.

That's why the Mito clan ramen arrived in 4 or 5 minutes from the order.

This is Mamo clan ramen.

The condiment which comes about about is called "spicy", from the upper left, rakkyo garlic, garlic, leek, leek and ginger.

The diameter of the instrument containing ramen is just about 1 piece of disposable chopsticks.

When ramen is offered, a clerk lectures on how to eat the Mito clan ramen correctly. According to it, we introduce all five kinds of condiments to ramen before eating first.

It is said that stirring round and round is the right way of eating.

The ingredients are chingengsai

Chicken barbecue

Dried Shiitake

So, first of all, I tried drinking soup and I found it freshly chicken glasspea somewhere. I use chicken sticks for the main, but I also use a boiled down to feel a solid taste. If it is only this, it is quite easy to do it from a person accustomed to eating heavy ramen, it seems to be unsatisfactory, but as soup plus a savory delicious flavor due to the addition of raw condiments such as rakkyo and ginger which do not like ramen What a mysterious taste. The base is completely ramen soup, but the taste is medicinal sauce that seems to be very good for the body, it seems that the body does not seem to be getting worse if you actually drink soup for a while.

Noodle is a noodle mixed with flour (lotus root powder) and wheat flour. Noodles for ordinary ramen often have yellowish taste, but the Mito clan ramen noodles are slightly brown and obviously look different from ordinary noodles. The noodles are not strong, but as good as a sling, good with the soup is also good. It is as if the traditional simple soy sauce ramen was tailored to a more Japanese style.

Chicken barbecue is sliced, but it is very juicy when eating with ramen in eyes.

Soup is different from any of the ramen noodles eaten so far, it is a strange taste that I never ate and I feel like I can drink anything.

Because it is a taste that I have never eaten so far different from heavy ramen, it is a mysterious noodle that makes me feel like "Somehow, Mito Komon-sama like the taste I ate ... ...." So, if you have the opportunity to go to Mito, it is ramen you want to eat at once.

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