Curved display & second generation "Microsoft Band" equipped with 11 kinds of sensors

Microsoft announced the new product release event of Windows 10 held on October 6, and watch type wearable terminal "Microsoft BandWe announced the 2nd generation model of. Detailed specifications and movies of 2nd generation Microsoft Band such as adopting curved display are released.

Microsoft Band | Official Site

Microsoft Band, the newly announced 2nd generation, takes over the simple long and narrow design as well as the original model, but adopts a color OLED curved surface display of 32 mm × 12.8 mm, it fits more comfortable to the arm Realized. The resolution of the display is 320 × 128 pixels and it is strongly protected with Gorilla Glass 3. Waterproof processing is also applied as with the previous model.

The sensors to be mounted are "optical heart rate sensor" "3 axis accelerometer / gyroscope" "gyrometer" "GPS" "ambient light sensor" "skin temperature sensor" "ultraviolet sensor" "capacitance sensor" "galvanic skin Reaction Sensor "," Mike "and" Barometer ", which makes it possible to quantify more diverse items than before.

Just talk to Microsoft Band, you can also do various operations through Cortana.

Corresponding OS is Windows Phone 8.1 (required update), iOS 8.1.2 or later, Android 4.3 to 5.0. In other words, it can link with Windows Phone, iPhone, Android smartphone and three kinds of terminals.

Charging is done by connecting to the terminal at the end of the belt. It can be fully charged within 1.5 hours, and it can be used for 48 hours from the state where the battery is full.

In addition to fitness related applications, third party apps include apps such as Starbucks, Uber, Twitetr, Facebook.

You can see how you are using the new Microsoft Band by looking at the official movie below.

The New Microsoft Band: Live Healthier and Achieve More - YouTube

A man who is exercising "Battle Rope" wearing Microsoft Band. Exercise time and heart rate monitored by Microsoft Band are displayed on the display.

Also in the men's Microsoft Band playing soccer ......

Various information such as calorie consumption is displayed.

When you slide the display of Microsoft Band worn by a woman from right to left, the display display has switched.

When you tap one of the displayed icons, Cortana started up and entered listening mode.

There seems to be an application dedicated to golf as well.

When a man who is challenging rock climbing on a steep mountain confirms Microsoft Band ......

I was able to read messages from my friends.

Of course Microsoft Band can be used in conjunction with Windows Phone and Surface.

In addition, several movie reviews using the new Microsoft Band have already been released. Below is a hands-on movie by The Verge.

Microsoft Band hands-on (2015) - YouTube

You can understand how the curved display is being operated, and see the movie review by CNET.

Microsoft Band returns with new design, curved screen - YouTube

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