`` BackGuy '' which can also search how much profit is produced by Chinese `` exploitation ''


Eric Pesik

Of October 1, National Day is the New Year of the lunar calendar and the Spring Festival , such as, '爆買physician' has become a hot topic by Chinese tourists to visit Japan in accordance with the such as the Golden Week holidays of China. It seems that bomb-buried products are sometimes resold in China, but I am wondering how much profit is actually generated. The web service “ BackGuy ” is a site where you can compare the selling price in Japan and the resale price in China while you are in Japan.


It's an explosive purchase that has become a new business battle for retailers in Japan, but the driving force is not only the need to buy Japanese products, but also the aspect of making money by reselling in China. BackGuy allows you to quickly search the price of such products before and after resale on your PC.

When you open the page, you can see the Chinese and Japanese names of products often bought by explosive buying, the resale price in China and the selling price in Japan, and the difference and profit rate. One of the most popular products for explosive purchases, SK-II brand products were sold at ¥ 29,029 for products sold at ¥ 15,000, yielding a profit of ¥ 14,029, with a profit margin of 193 % Facts are revealed. Click on the product link ...

Details of each product were displayed. Since BackGuy is a paid service, specific Chinese and Japanese product names cannot be viewed when they are used free of charge.

Of course, if you are a paid member, you can view all information. For example, you can see that SK-II is sold under the following product names. Click on the link ...

It is possible to check the contents of the pages that are actually sold on the resale site in China.

If you are a paid member, you can also search for products by keyword.

Thermos vacuum insulation mobile mug popular in China, where cold drinks are not so popular, you can see that what you can buy for 2751 yen in Japan is sold for 4297 yen on the Chinese resale site.

It was also possible to display the page of the resale site.

Even in China, safety tends to be especially important for products used by children. You can see that

Anpanman's water bottle with a straw, which is sold by Japanese manufacturer Wreck, is sold for 28,000 yen on the resale site in China and 274% in Japan.

Of course, resale sites can also be displayed.

This site is by Mr.

Fukuyuki Murakami, representative of Crazy Works Inc. According to the site, in Japan there is no change in the products that have been increased by 30% to twice, and some premium products have been resold at prices more than five times. I feel like a part of the reason why explosive buying has become such a big boom.

Some of the rare but insignificant products sold at Matsumotokiyoshi and Don Quixote are resold at a price of about 30% to 2 times, and some premier products are resold at a price of more than 5 times I understand.

The usage fee of BackGuy is 9800 yen in 30 days, and the price may change in the future. Mr. Murakami, who runs the service, says, 'These information is worth tens of times the usage fee for those who want to make money by themselves, but it is not worth a yen for those who do not.' As such, it may be a valuable service for those who are seriously considering using it.

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