The movie of 'The Order of the Stone' which becomes the 1st chapter of Minecraft's "Story Mode" is released

A new play mode that advances the story with the leading character and fellows with will at MinecraftStory mode"But,Playable from October 13, 2015 (local time). AlreadyTrailer movieAlthough it is open to the public, Episode 1 of the story mode which is divided into 5 chapters in allThe Order of the Stone"The movie has been made public.

'Minecraft: Story Mode' Episode 1 - 'The Order of the Stone' Trailer - YouTube

You can play for over 10 years.

Characters are sucked into a book that shines light.

The story of "legendary stone" is written in the book. Why are you looking at the castle towering far far ... ...

Legendary heroes.

They once adventured to regain peace ... ...

I faced the horrible monster 'Ender Dragon'.

Four heroes succeeded in killing Ender Dragon and it became a legend.

Such a legendary book began to shine ... ...

As if being absorbed by that light, boys came to the library.

A monstrously mysterious stone monument ... ...

I will find a book of "legendary stone".

Disturbing air began to flow, and my colleagues began to make a fuss saying "I have found something uncontrollable!" "I must get out of here quickly!"

But when it is already late, the monument gives a shining light ......

Ender Dragons and creatures have revived.

What appeared there was the former legendary hero.

Ask Jesse of the protagonists, "Do you want me to lend you the power?" ...

I gave Jesse an important item.

Boys who do not know what to do with all of a sudden.

Adventure begins without knowing any reason.

Hit by a huge creature ... ...

Difficult adventures are spreading, as it falls from a high place.

However, Jesse is taking a sword and fighting a fierce battle to defeat Ender Dragon.

Story mode episode 1 "The Order of the Stone" will be downloaded from 13th October. You can play on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS 3, PS 4, Windows, Mac, Steam, and it will be released on iOS · Android · WiiU.

Also, the package version that all episodes 1 to 5 can play is scheduled to be released on 27th October.

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