Amazon banned selling "Apple TV" and "Chromecast"

Amazon found sales banning measures for Apple's media streaming terminal "Apple TV" and Google's media streaming device "Chromecast".

Amazon to Ban Sale of Apple, Google Video-Streaming Devices - Bloomberg Business

It seems that you have received a notice mail saying that Amazon will terminate the sale for retailers selling Apple TV and Chromecast at the marketplace. It is already impossible to list new items and already registered stock will be deleted on October 29th.

Apple TV


This is because Apple TV and Chromecast are using Amazon's video streaming servicePrime videoBecause you can not easily use. Likewise, even a terminal capable of media streaming, even if the "prime video" compliantRokuThe streaming set top boxes, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, etc. have no change in handling.

Roku's streaming STB

In Bloomberg, we believe that this measure has more physical damage to Google than Apple with a real store and a route to sell directly to users. On the other hand, Apple TV and Chromecast are already becoming popular, so people asking for devices are not AmazonBest BuyThere is also a view that it will influence the sales of Amazon, such as heading to. Research companyParks AssociatesAnalyst Barbara Klaus also points out that Amazon will be damaged as well as damage to Apple and Google.

Amazon itself as a media streaming terminal"Fire TV Stick" to plug in TVIt seems that the fighting battle for the holiday season was cut as soon as possible.

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