I tried using "Adblock Plus" which removes advertisements from free on iPhone's web browser "Safari"

A variety of new functions are implemented in iOS 9, but among them the attention is being paid to "Content Blocking Safari ExtensionsThis will allow you to block certain ads from Safari. Paid ad blocking application that actually used this function "CrystalFrom the releaseOver 100,000 downloads in just 12 hoursI have recorded a tremendous revenue, but the famous "ad block extension"Adblock Plus"Is a free advertisement block application for iOS 9"Adblock PlusI released it so I actually tried it.

Adblock Plus (ABP) on the App Store

Applications can be installed free by accessing the App Store from the link above. When installing, tap "Get".

Tap and launch when the application is installed.

"Adblock Plus" is an extension that will always hide advertising advertisements. By default, 'nonintrusive ads' is displayed, but this can be hidden from the setting screen at any time. Tap "Got it" at the bottom of the screen.

In Adblock Plus, you need to set a bit to hide ads. Of course we do not need membership registration and account creation, so do not worry. Tap "Configure Safari" at the bottom of the screen.

The tutorial is over on this screen. Tap the icon at the bottom of the screen ......

The "Adblock Plus" setting screen opens. By tapping "Adblock Plus" at the top you can turn on / off ad blocking function at any time ... ...

From "Acceptable Ads" you can change whether to display "non-intrusive advertisement" or hide it. Please be careful as it will be displayed in the initial setting.

"About" contains the version information of the application.

That's why I will make settings to use "Adblock Plus" in Safari. First, tap "Settings" from the home screen.

Then tap "Safari".

Tap 'Content blocker'.

"Adblock Plus" is displayed here, so tap the red frame or swipe to the right.

Setting is completed when the icon turns green.

actuallyYahoo! JAPANI opened the top page and scrolled the screen, but I could not find advertisements in particular.

So, once I opened "Settings", turned off "Adblock Plus" and updated the page ......

Multiple ads displayed on the page.

With such a feeling, it is very convenient to delete advertisements from Safari, the default browser application, once the special application is installed and initialization is done. So farBrowser app that hides adsThere existed, but in those cases it was necessary to use a special browser different from Safari, so you need to move bookmarks or need to be different from familiar Safari operability There were many troublesome hurdles.

In addition, Adblock Plus is supposed to display some advertisements "Acceptable Ads" (Preferred Advertisements) on the browser without being blocked, and in order to select this advertisement, the industry including reddit and DuckDuckGO etc. Organization "Acceptable Ads Manifesto"And why" preferred advertisement "should be displayedDescriptiondoing.

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