We have been eating "fried salmon" and "fried salmon sand" deep-fried autumn salmon from Hokkaido with Kentucky

As a new product of Kentucky Fried Chicken, we used autumn salmon from Hokkaido instead of chicken "Fried salmon"Has appeared. A loose character with a salmon fillet as a motifKIRIMI-chan.Also collaboration with has been done, a new character "Fried Salmon" matching the character was born. Anyway, I went to eat fried salmon, anyway.

Hokkaido Autumn Salmon Fried Salmon & Salmon Sand New Appearance | KFC

Smooth custard apple pie | Kentucky fried chicken

Arrived at the shop.

We ordered items in about 3 minutes. It is "Fried salmon" (230 yen), "Fried salmon sand" (390 yen) from the left hand side, and "New cafe custard apple pie" (250 yen).

It certainly is different from chicken, shaped like salmon fried fillets.

Outside is crispy and inside is deep-fried. It's more pink on the site's picture, but it's actually slightly thinner in color. There is no bone, you can eat crispy.

When adding the supplied special tartar sauce, a slightly sour taste will be added. If you are fried, you can eat deliciously without any problems at all without a sauce.

Next is "Fried salmon sandwich".

I sanded the salmon as before, but is it because the salmon of this one looks bigger because it is sandwiched perfectly by the buns?

This size is about this compared with Xperia Z1. Width of about 14 cm wide.

Lettuce and basil sauce under the fried salmon.

When cutting it in the center, the color is pretty modest. Rather, spreading basil sauce makes it look like "What is this?", But a combination of fried salmon with plenty of tartar sauce and a fragrant basil sauce adds a crisp texture of lettuce, It is perfect for light lunch. The buns are pretty gimmicky. If it is said to be 230 yen for one fried salmon, "I do not complain about taste, but it is already a single voice", but if you sand it is a good feeling that your stomach is moderately swollen.

As a dessert, "Nakameki custard apple pie" was waiting.

Smaller than 'Fried salmon sand'.

It is hot custard that comes after a crispy texture, so cat-tongue's attention.

Some crispy apple which has a sharp texture in custard, but the sweetness of custard is strong, impression such as "apple flavored custard pie". It is quite hot, so it is perfect for the dessert of the coming season.

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