Nico Nico Douga is displayed in HTML 5 and playback at double speed · Script for enabling playback from anywhere you like

A general member of Nico Nico Douga has released a script that will be able to do "usual movies to play from the favorite places of the seek bar" function, which should not be usable, or "movie playback speed" which should not be possible from the PC. It is also possible to avoid restrictions on simultaneous playback of multiple videos, and it corresponds to Firefox · Google Chrome.

A script to play Nico Douga with HTML5 made: lowlevelaware

"Script to play Nico Douga with HTML5" is said to work with Google Chrome and Firefox, so first try it with Google Chrome. In the Chrome Web StoreTampermonkeyOpen the page and click "Add to CHROME".

As you are asked "Do you want to add Tampermonkey?" Click "Add Extension".

A message saying "Tampermonkey has been added to Chrome" is displayed, and an icon is added next to the address bar.

Click this icon to display the menu like this. At the beginning, it says "There is no running script", so I will add a new script.

Script source code to click here to play Nico Douga in HTML5, And click "Install Script".

Click "Install". Preparation is complete.

Please visit Nico Nico Douga ... ....

Log in with a general member account.

And, display your favorite movie. This timeA retro steam drive calculator that can be calculated anywhere with fire and waterI tried to display a movie of. As you can see from the icon at the top of the screen, you are logged in as a general account, but it is quite different from the usual layout.

When placing the cursor on the movie, it was possible to double the speed of the movie, one of the functions available to the premium members. The speed can be selected from 1.0 times, 1.3 times, 1.7 times, 2.0 times, 2.2 times, 2, 5 times, 2, 8 times, 3, 0 times.

Furthermore, when you click on the back of the seek bar ... ...

It was possible to play a movie from a favorite place.

If you play a movie without using a script that plays Nico Douga with HTML 5, it looks like this. When you click on any place on the seek bar, the link to the page introducing the premium membership registration will be displayed as "to start playing from here".

In addition to the double speed playback / seek function, "Script to play Nico Douga with HTML 5" can also be used such as "eliminate de facto restriction of NG words & use regular expressions", "avoid restrictions on simultaneous playback of multiple videos" It is said that. Also, it is supposed not to post comments.

For FirefoxGreasemonkeyI will use an add-on called. With Greasemonkey installedScript source code to click here to play Nico Douga in HTML5Click "Install Script", and click "Install" in the displayed pop-up window.

"'Kasa 5' Installed" is displayed, so click "Ok".

I logged in to Nico Nico Douga with an account of a general member and displayed the movie, the layout of the screen was the same as that of Google Chrome. However, compared to Google Chrome, Firefox is a little heavy, when I played the movie at 3.0x speed, sometimes the movie stopped and played repeatedly.

Also, in the case of Firefox, "When OPT.buffer at the beginning of the script is set to true, the next movie will be opened in an iframe and buffering will be done." "If enabled it will do automatic playback of the next movie", so I will try it . First, click the Greasemonkey icon and select "Manage user script".

As this screen appears, click "Settings" of "kasa 5 1".

Click "Edit this user script".

Change "buffer: false" which was "next to normal part if it is probably not Firefox" to "buffer: true" and press "Save" and close the window.

Click "OK".

I tried to display the live video of the game being series by this ... ...

Even if the movie ended, unfortunately the experimental PC did not play the next movie automatically.

According to the script creator, "Firefox has a lot of super-CPU load, and the fans grow rough enough to think that it is a game when playing at double speed." "It's better to oblivious to use with too much load". "It's only working with Firefox and Chrome if studying the latest js syntax," he says.

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