An 11 - year - old girl sent her own sexual photos to his opponent, and Facebook is sued by a girl 's father that he neglected his age check

ByIulia Pironea

In a trial where Facebook was sued by a father of a girl who is a Facebook user because "Facebook negotiate checking of age authentication", a settlement has been established outside of court. This problem highlights the difficulty of age authentication in SNS.

Father Sues Facebook After 11-Year-Old Daughter Used Social Media Profile To Contact Men

A girl 's father, who knew that an eleven - year - old girl was sending her naked picture in response to the man' s request he met on Facebook, sued Facebook. The father's complaint that caused the complaint is that Facebook has restricted use to users under the age of 13, but in fact it was in a state where an 11 year old girl like her daughter was available for age authentication That's because Facebook neglected the procedure.

ByJames Emery

My father's lawyer says, "There is a duty to check whether Facebook has a ban on use under the age of 13 as stipulated in the usage agreement, and it was necessary to take measures to make the age authentication mechanism work" I am talking. As a result of money being paid from Facebook to his father, the lawsuit seems to have been settled outside of court.

Daily MailThe father who responded to the interview reported that Facebook's age limit is too strict to prohibit under 18 years of age and that the restriction provision of banning under the age of 13 is adequate itself, I assert that it is in a state not functioning. Facebook said that it is necessary to review the age verification system, such as introducing a mechanism to check the age using public documents such as passports.

ByAlessandro Valli

In addition, Facebook spokeswoman said, "Facebook can report parents with children under 13 years of age about their ageReport functionHas been introduced. Besides that, parents should exercise appropriate discretionary power for children, such as talking about the dangers of the Internet with the children, making strict privacy settings, checking whether they are not using Facebook without notice I will recommend it. "

Companies that provide Internet services such as SNS seem to be facing difficult problems as the introduction of procedures to guarantee age authentication can impair the convenience of users.

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