Things parents need to know in order for children to safely use Facebook and Twitter

BySalim Fadhley

Facebook is a very useful tool to get in touch with friends and relatives who have not met for a while and to deepen friends again. And since this SNS must be used in real name, it is harder for users to work wrong than others and it is a relatively suitable environment for teenagers to learn about behavior on the net. However, parents with young children often have false ideas for Facebook and SNS, so it is necessary to revise this incorrect interpretation and support the child firmly soYahoo TechThe threat of SNS and its remedy are summarized in.

Every Parent's 3 Biggest Facebook Fears - And What To Do About Them - Yahoo Tech

◆ Wrong image for SNS that parents tend to embrace
One of the mistaken ideas for SNS that children 's parents tend to hold is that they think that they do not want children to use Facebook, but they can not stop it. It is wrong to point out that if you are leaving your PC or smartphone in the reach of children as opposed to using your Facebook or SNS, If you seriously do not want children to use SNS, you need to keep PCs and smartphones in places out of reach of children.


And another misunderstanding is that "I do not teach my children how to use Facebook, and I do not do anything that actually uses it". Children who have not been taught do not have a way of using their parents as they wish.

The author pointed out that it is the same as not handing the key of his car to a child of 13 years old and that children should not use SNS freely, and when children use SNS, children disagree It is necessary to carefully look at how you are using it at the immediate vicinity, so if your child tries to do something dangerous, it teaches that it is dangerous and how to deal with it in that case I tell you that what parents should do is described as.

ByJoseph Choi

Parents have to confront these threats hidden in social networks while correcting these wrong images, respecting the child's "intention to use SNS" intention. I describe three particularly threats hidden in SNS and methods to deal with it as follows.

◆ 1: Cyber ​​Bully
Troubles with exchanges on social networksChild suicide, There is a breaking news like that,Center for Innovative Public Health ResearchAccording to the survey, one in five young boys and girls was bullied online, and about half of them were bullied in reality.

ByMarc-Andre Lariviere

There is no easy way to solve bullying on this social network. The only thing parents can do isNotice the danger signal emitted by the child and talk to the child about bullyingIt is about things. Also, since November 2013 Facebook is for the children to be bullied on the netBullying prevention program, And there are many advice such as how to deal with bullying here, so it may be a good remedy to make good use of these tools Hmm.

◆ 2: Stalkers and other suspicious individuals
McAfee's investigationAccording to one young girl, one in four people chatted with a stranger at all online, and 12% found that they actually met with someone who talked for the first time online.

ByChiot's Run

Parents should protect their children from the evil hands lurking on such a net that they often monitor new friends the kids made online. Especially if the friend is an adult unfamiliar with the parents, or when the child seems to be older than the child, you need to monitor well. It is important to tell yourself whether you are okay to teach yourself the child's personal information even a little,Information on the name and address of the other partyis.

Also,Facebook privacy settingsIt is one good way to set personal information and posts of children so that they can only be seen by friends and friends of friends. And most importantly,You must never see reality with someone you know on-line while you do not know your parents, To teach the child.

ByPaul Walsh

◆ 3: Myself
With the arrival of youth "Something not very good"On the SNS, one of the threats that young people keeps hanging on using SNS. Even if you intend to publish drinking photos and obscene pictures for your friends, that picture will be seen by many others as well.

BySelbe B

In 2013, I surveyed people who are in charge of admissions office at an American university as to whether I watch the Facebook account of the student who applied for enrollment, about one third said " Watching ", and about 30% of the students who saw the account furthermore had a bad impressionSurvey of KAPLAN TEST PREPI understand.

This situation suffering from the content that children posted on their own,Grandma's ruleApplication may be an effective measure. This "grandma rule" is something that the children "such things embarrassing to show to Grandma ... You must not put on the SNS" teach.

ByJoshua Smith

Also, it is still a useful way to use Facebook's privacy settings as you do not know when your child will post. If you hide embarrassing posts that you posted in the past, you do not have to borrow at the time of emergency.

However, even if you use privacy settings, if you are a child's friend, you can easily download, copy and share the posted photos and texts. Furthermore, if a child is tagged with a name to be guilty and the problem has developed to such a level that it can not be repaired, change the child's Facebook user name, or You also need to delete the account.

ByChris Lister

In Japan, how to use SNS of young people is often a problem, but in order for children to improve their usage, parents first learn about SNS and how can they protect their children from the threats hidden in them It seems important to know.

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