What is an effective means to reduce burnout (burnout) in the workplace?

ByFlorian Simeth

Depending on chronic stress and labor sentiment, you lose your motivation for work and social function "Burnout(Burnout) "has been confirmed all over the world, and in one example half of the Australians have experienced burnout at work. Damage to the economy due to burnout syndrome is estimated to amount to 300 billion dollars worldwide (about 36 trillion and 17 billion yen), but research results that reduce employee workout burnout in just 4 weeks are announced It is being done.

Reducing workplace burnout: The relative benefits of cardiovascular and resistance exercise (PDF Download Available)

Rachel Bretland, a student at the New England University psychology department in Australia, discovered that regular "exercise" is very effective in order not to burn out in the workplace. The study was conducted for 49 males and females who had not exercised so much from 19 to 68 years old and had cardiovascular exercise three times a week,Resistance movement, Or no exercise, and examined the effect of exercise program over 4 weeks.

Participants in the research "measure happiness / psychological distress / fatigue"SEES"Measuring" emotional fatigue / divorce disorder / individual achievement "MBI"Measuring stress"PSS"The effect was compared by the plural measuring tools called.

As a result, the items of "happiness" and "individual achievement" of the two participating groups who received the exercise program for 4 weeks were greatly improved, a decrease in "psychological distress", "emotional fatigue" and "stress" was confirmed It was. Although we were expecting a decline in efficiency of work from fatigue due to exercise before work or weekend, Mr. Bret Land said "I was most surprised that tiredness due to exercise did not affect participants"I am talking. One participant said, "When exercising before going to work, I felt exhausted when I got to the office, but when I got a sense of achievement in my work, I did not feel tired." Thing.

ByU.S. Army

Although the improved items were slightly different with two types of exercise, cardiovascular exercise, or resistance exercise, the results show that exercising on a regular basis is an effective countermeasure against burnout syndrome. 30% of sick leave is known to occur due to stress, but compared to non-exercise employees, stress reduction due to exercise, the number of acquisitions of sick leave has been reduced by a factor of 9, productivity It will be tripled.

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