How to tie 18 shoelaces such as 'Ian Knot' that can not be untied


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The correct way to tie a 'bowknot', which is a general method of tying shoelaces, the most difficult way to tie it, the way to tie it that is hard to untie and looks beautiful, and the way to tie it semi-permanently if you do not untie the shoelace yourself. A total of 18 types of knots are explained in an easy-to-understand manner with illustrations on the website ' Ian's Shoelace Site '.

Ian's Shoelace Site --Shoelace Knots --How To Tie Your Shoes

There are two types of shoelace knots, one is called ' Starting Knot ', which is a standard way to cross two laces. The other is a knot called ' Double Starting Knot ' that makes it difficult to untie by repeating Starting Knot twice. Basically, it starts with Starting Knot, but when trying to tie it easily or when a child practices tying, use Double Starting Knot properly.

◆ The most common way to tie shoelaces
The Ian's Shoelace Site has a page that picks up and compares many shoelace tying methods by category, so that you can refer to it when you do not know which one to choose. ' Standard Shoelace Knot ' and ' Two Loop Shoelace Knot ', which have similar tying methods, are selected as the 'most common method of tying shoelaces'.

Step 1: The Standard Shoelace Knot is tied in 6 steps in total, first with the Starting Knot.

Step 2: Hold the tip of the left string (yellow) toward the right and make a ring with the right string (blue). Thread the yellow string behind the ring.

Step 3: Wrap the blue string around the yellow string.

Step 4: Then the hole will be completed in the center, so make a ring with a yellow string and pass the tip through.

Step 5: After passing through the yellow ring, bring the two rings with both hands and tie them tightly.

Step 6: Just pull until the knot is tight and you're done.

◆ The quickest and easiest way to tie an Ian knot
Ian Knot is a type of shoelace tying method that cannot be untied so strongly that even professional athletes use it. At Ian's Shoelace Site, we have devised the procedure to connect such Ian knots the fastest in the world and explain it with illustrations.

Step 1: First, connect with Starting Knot.

Step 2: Twist the left and right strings to make a ring.

Step 3: Cross each other's rings. An image of spreading the yellow ring with the thumb of the left hand, pushing the blue ring with the middle finger of the right hand, and pinching the tip of the yellow ring.

Step 4: When each other's rings pass, pinch the tips of the rings with your thumb and index finger, respectively.

Step 5: Pull the two rings so that they extend like a bow. At this time, the point is to loosen everything without pulling it.

Step 6: At the end, simply pull the ring and tighten the knot and you're done. It is said that shoelaces can be tied tightly in one-third of the time required for normal tying.

Looking at the GIF, it looks like this, and it is possible to tie shoelaces in just a few seconds.

◆ How to tie the most difficult ' Double Shoelace Knot '
Step 1: First, tie the laces to a 'bowknot' or 'Ian knot'.

Step 2: Lift and cross so that the blue ring is in front and the yellow ring is in the back.

Step 3: Wrap the yellow ring around the blue ring and pass it through the hole with the tip in the center.

Step 4: Just pull the two wheels left and right and tighten the knot to complete. It will be difficult to untie, but it is a knot that can be used in situations where you do not want the shoelaces to be untied.

The 18 types of shoelace tying methods posted on the Ian's Shoelace Site are as follows.

◆ 01: Standard Shoelace Knot

A super-basic knot called 'bowknot' in Japan. Make a ring on one side, wrap the ring around the other, and pass the tip of the ring through the hole in the middle.

◆ 02:

Two Loop Shoelace Knot

It is also called a 'rabbit knot', but this knot is sometimes called a 'bowknot'. I make two rings and tie them by winding the tips of both ends, but many people remember the wrong way of tying .

◆ 03:

Ian Knot, Ian's Fast Shoelace Knot

The fastest tying method in the world among Ian Knots. It is also called 'immediate Ian knot' because it is completed by making a ring at both ends and pulling each other at the same time.

◆ 04:

Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot

A knot that is also called a 'double bowknot' or 'double slip knot'. All you have to do is cross the two rings and insert the tips of the two rings into the holes, so you can easily and firmly tie them together. It is symmetrical and looks beautiful, and is recommended for intense sports.

◆ 05:

Surgeon's Shoelace Knot

Also known as 'Tibetan trekking knot' or 'Sherpa knot', it is the most common method of tight knotting. First, tie it once, tie a bow before tightening it, pass it through the hole twice, and then tighten it.

◆ 06:

Turquoise Turtle Shoelace Knot

A lesser-known tight tying method called 'how to tie a shoe store'. Make a loop like a rabbit knot, pass it through the hole twice, and then tighten it.

◆ 07:

Better Bow Shoelace Knot

You can make a ring by making a ring on one side and passing it through a hole that can be wound twice around the other. This is also one of the tying methods that can be tied firmly.

◆ 08:

FreedomKnot Shoelace Knot

A tight knot based on Ian Knot, in which two shoelaces are tied normally, then a hole is made in the shape of an 'O', and a ring is passed through the hole.

◆ 09:

Double Shoelace Knot

A bowknot, Ian knot, or any other knot that you like, and then tie it in a circle. If you don't untie the shoe straps, you can keep the knot permanently, and you can consume extra amount when the shoe straps are long, but the drawback is that it is difficult to untie.

◆ 10:

Double Ian Shoelace Knot

How to tie a ring and a ring through each other after tying them with Ian knots. This is also difficult to untie, but it can be tightened and is ideal for dealing with shoe laces that are too long.

◆ 11:

Mega Ian Shoelace Knot

An improved version of Ian Knot, who makes two double rings in advance and pulls them into each other's rings to tie them together. It can be tied quickly and tighter than Ian Knot.

◆ 12:

Crossed Ian Shoelace Knot

How to tie Ian Knot at the wrong time. Make two rings in advance and pull the tips into each other's rings and tie them together. It can be tied tightly, but it can also be easily unwound.

◆ 13:

Two Stage Shoelace Knot

It is a method of tying tightly in two stages, and even if one ring is unraveled, there is no worry that both will be unraveled.

◆ 14:

Loop the Loop Shoelace Knot

First, tie it with a bow or Ian knot, and then pull the ring to one side to tie it. It features a visual that finally becomes one ring, and it is a method that can be tied even tighter with any tying method.

◆ 15:

Halloween Shoelace Knot

A special tying method that is perfect for matching with Halloween costumes. Also known as 'Hangman knot', it is characterized by a round and round ring.

◆ 16:

Boat Shoe Knot

It is a knot mainly used for deck shoes, and you can tie a knot like a coil.

◆ 17:

One Handed Shoelace Knot

It is a method for tying shoe straps with one hand, and the point is to tie it on the lower side instead of the upper side.

◆ 18:

Reef Knot

In short, it is a 'fixed knot'. Effective when the shoe straps are torn and shortened.

Ranking of how to tie shoelaces
The Ian's Shoelace Site has a page that shows 18 different ways to tie shoelaces, voted by users, in a ranking format. At the time of writing the article, the 1st place was ' Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot ', the 2nd place was ' Ian Knot, Ian's Fast Shoelace Knot ', and the 3rd place was ' Surgeon's Shoelace Knot '.

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