The long-awaited official touch screen appears in Raspberry Pi, making "PiPad" production easier

One board computer "Raspberry Pi"Official touch screen with long-awaited appearance has appeared. The appearance of Raspberry Pi seems to increase dramatically with the appearance of a display with a touch function.

The Eagerly Awaited Raspberry Pi Display - Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 7 "Touchscreen Display - Raspberry Pi Swag

Raspberry Pi Official Blog is a mobile display that has been eagerly appreciated by Raspberry Pi fans "Raspberry Pi 7 "Touchscreen DisplayWe have announced that it has released.

As the name suggests, this display is a 7 inch size liquid crystal display with a capacitive touch screen. The resolution is 800 × 480, the viewing angle is 70 degrees, the size is 194 mm wide × 110 mm vertical × 20 mm thick, and it supports 10 point multi-touch operation.

Accessories are display body, adapter board, DSI ribbon cable, mounting bracket to the base, screw, jumper cable.

It is like this when Raspberry Pi is attached to the back. Connect with Raspberry Pi via DSI and DPI port. A special back cover "Frame" is also available.


Blue color

light blue


It is green and colorful.

A movie that operates Raspberry Pi using the Raspberry Pi 7 "Touchscreen Display has already been released.

Kivy, the Raspberry Pi Touch Display, and GPIO - YouTube

Raspberry Pi 7 "The screen of Raspberry Pi is displayed on the Touchscreen Display.The input button, the output speaker, and the LED light are connected with Raspberry Pi using the keyboard and bread board.

Enter commands on crackling and keyboard.

A dedicated program is started.

This is a simple demo program to try out the function of Raspberry Pi 7 "Touchscreen Display.

When you press the button, the button icon on the screen glows.

Tap the LED button and the LED light flashes.

Tap the speaker button, the beep sounded from the speaker of the breadboard.

Of course the touch screen can also handle swipe, pinch in / out and other operations. The blinking speed of the LED could be adjusted by raising the bar at the right end of the screen.

Raspberry Pi 7 "The Touchscreen Display is on sale at the following site: the display kit is £ 48 (about 8900 yen), the display kit + Frame is 58 pounds (about 10,700 yen), the shipping fee to Japan is £ 15 It is from about 2800 yen).

Raspberry Pi 7 "Touchscreen Display - Raspberry Pi Swag

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