The possibility that the fifth generation mobile communication standard "5 G" which is up to 50 times faster than 4 G will enter the commercial deployment in 2017

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Verizon, a major US telecommunications carrier, announced the 5th generation mobile communication system "5GIn the interview, it is clear that the field trial of "begins within 12 months and plans to start commercial use by 2017.

Verizon to be first to field-test crazy-fast 5G wireless - CNET

According to an interview conducted by CNET of IT related media on Mr. Roger Gurnani of Information Technology Division of Verizon, we will carry out 5 G field trial in 2016 and aim for the world's first commercial deployment in 2017 about. Many companies expect the start of 5G to be around 2020, but if Verizon's plan goes well, it will be possible to start the service three years earlier than expected by other companies.

In experiments already done by Verizon, the connection speed of 5 G is 30 to 50 times faster than 4 G, if it is 4 G, the movie "Guardians of Galaxy"It took 6 minutes to transfer the data, but it seems that only 5 seconds is enough for 5G.

In addition to the connection speed, 5G can transfer the state of surgery in Tokyo in real time to New York by utilizing very high responsiveness, and because of high power consumption efficiency, the battery life is about 10 times that of a conventional smartphone It is said that it will become. In addition, because carriers will be able to transmit a lot of data, streaming can be watched without problems for popular programs that millions of people watch.

With the establishment of 4G technology, the spread of smartphones has been greatly spurred, and some new innovation is expected also in 5G, Mr. Gurnani said "What will happen in the future realized by 5G at all I can not predict specifically about innovative products and services, but there are several possibilities. "

However, he avoided mentioning the details about commercial deployment in 2017 as "it is too early to discuss the project just started". Verizon is planning to announce details on the 5 G project at the CTIA Show scheduled for 9 September 2015 in Las Vegas, USA.

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