The possibility of falling the search rank to implement implementation of measures for Google to decide that the advertisement installation page on the full screen display is not "mobile friendly"

When browsing the net with a mobile terminal, it is displayed in full screen separately from the target page contentsInterstitial advertisementThere are many people who have had a frustrating feeling after encountering them. Google considers part of interstitial advertisements for such mobile terminals to be "not mobile-friendly", and from November 1, 2015, measures will be taken to lower the page rank if it exceeds certain criteria The possibility became clear.

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Mobile-friendly web pages using app banners

According to Google, the interstitial requirement to judge as "not mobile-friendly" after November 1, 2015 is "The interstitial advertisement that prompts the installation of the application on the previous page moved from the search result is" It will be displayed on a scale that hides the contents of the page remarkably ". The interstitial which does not apply to this is not affected especially on judgment. In addition, the application advertisement function implemented in the browser is described as "more user-friendly".

Here is an example display of "inter-stays not mobile-friendly" and "mobile-friendly interstitial" exemplified by Google. In the bad example on the left it is obvious that the blue interstitial hinders the user experience by covering most of the screen, whereas in the good example on the right you can see that the banner is only displayed at the top of the page I will.

As you can see from the example above,InterstitialIt is not denying itself how to display large advertisements on the screen using the mechanism of the user, but by forcibly displaying the interstitial advertisement to the user who visited the page for information, the user experience It is problematic to give a bad influence. Therefore, it seems that it is judged that there is no problem with advertisements displayed during the game and interstitial advertisements displayed except for screens that came from the search results.

Google has proposed a countermeasure against this measure and is installed in the browser "Safari"Smart App BannersAnd ChromeWeb App install bannersWe introduce a method using the function such as.

This policy seems to be unrelated to the results of the survey on interstitial advertisements made by Google published in July 2015. According to a study by Google, 9% of users who saw the advertisement tapped the button labeled "download application" on the page where interstitial advertisement that tries to download the application is displayed , 69% of users not only did not tap the button, it also turned out to abandon itself to close the page and go to see the content of the page itself.

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Google+: A case study on App Download Interstitials

In the background of this measure, as well as the intention of the user who dislikes interstitial advertisement at inappropriate timing, as well as the fact that Google that monitors the search service has taken a serious look at the result Yes. In any case, it seems that for the user the Internet browsing environment will definitely head to a comfortable direction.

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