Police began deploying a drone with a taser gun to arrest the perpetrator

ByChristopher Smythers

Along with the popularization of large drone, as various kinds of not only cameras could be mounted on the drones, goosin came out in the operation of an armed drone equipped with a taser gun etc. in North Dakota province.

First State Legalizes Taser Drones for Cops, Thanks to a Lobbyist - The Daily Beast

North Dakota Police Drones Can Launch Rubber Bullets, Pepper Spray And Other Non-Lethal Weapons: Report

This is due to passage of the House bill 1328, but originallyRick BeckerThose thought by lawmakers for the purpose of limiting the monitoring power by the police. At the draft stage, "clothing for drones was forbidden" and "a warrant is required when skipping drones in evidence search" was included.

However, due to strong lobbying by police organizations such as the North Dakota Sheriff Association, modifications were accepted and it was decided that weapons that can not be dangerous to life could be loaded. Weapons that are allowed to be installed are rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, sound cannon (weapon to disable opponent by sound), and taser gun.

The Taser Gun is a weapon that neutralizes the opponent by giving an electric shock, but it is often treated like a representative of non-lethal weapons, but The Guardian summarizes the information of the people killed by the police "The Counted"According to 3915 people in 2015 alone were killed by being shot with a taser gun, it is not necessarily" safe weapons when shot ".

Speaking of North Dakota State, in 2012I first got an arrest after using the drone for monitoring purposesYou may.

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