Four kinds of berries and plenty whipped drink "Season's Best Coffee" Berry Berry Milk Cooler & Berry Berry Mochajaba Coola "as if it is" drinking dessert "

In addition to the four kinds of berries of strawberry · blueberry · raspberry · blackberry plus plenty of berry sauce and whipped cream toppings as if drinking dessert "frozen drink"Berry Berry Milk Cooler & Berry Berry Mochajaba Coola"ButSeattle's Best CoffeeIt is sold seasonally only from Thursday, August 13, 2015. It was said that it became a cool and sweet and sour drink that is perfect for the hot summer, so I actually drank it.

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Arrived at Seattle's Best Coffee.

I found a poster of "Berry Berry Milk Cooler" and "Berry Berry Mochajaba Coola" in the shop. This seems to be a new work of Seattle's best coffee frozen drink series.

That's why I ordered ... ...

I waited for a while at the back of the counter.

It took me about 3 minutes to complete the product as I started making drinks after ordering. The left is "Berry Berry Mochajaba Coola" and the right is "Berry Berry Milk Cooler". There are Tall and Grande in size, but both ordered Toror.

The four kinds of berries and whipped cream that are topped in the top are the same.

Comparing the size of the cup to the iPhone 6 looks like this. Even if the horizontal width is about the same, even if you put whipped cream vertically it will not be as high as iPhone 6.

· "Berry Berry Milk Cooler" Tall: 520 yen including tax Grande: 560 yen including tax
So, let's drink "Berry Berry Milk Cooler" which has plenty of whipped cream and berries on top of "Milk Cooler" containing milk that was slightly sweetened in the ice crushed finely.

Four kinds of toppings are Strawberry · Blueberry · Raspberry · Blackberry. The red color of the large amount of strawberry cut to size easy to drink is also gorgeous to the appearance.

Besides strawberry, it is blackberry and ...

Raspberry & blueberries are included. However, strawberries are overwhelmingly quantitatively and there are not many other berries in it.

That's why I first used a spoon to eat whipped cream and four kinds of berries together. "Berry Berry Milk Cooler" is a frozen drink made into fine granules by pulverizing a large amount of ice, so it is perfect for cold hot summers. Sweetness The compatibility of milk cooler with a very light taste of unobtrusive taste and strawberry with sour taste is outstanding, and plus whiskiness and gentle sweetness that whipped cream wrapped around it. It seems as if you are eating cakes or something's desserts, and the sweet tooth is unbearable.

Trying whipped cream and berry and eating only milk cooler, finely crushed ice can melt in the mouth quickly, but you can also enjoy a slightly jelly-refreshing texture. As mentioned earlier, it is sweet and modest, it is a very simple taste to eat with milk powder.

If you feel "little sweetness ~" If you eat whipped or four kinds of berries together OK. When the sweetness of the whipped cream is added plus the dessert feeling increases at once, the impression such as a frozen drink just as it is raw.

Of course you can drink with a straw OK. However, it was not suitable for eating pulp because a large straw of mouth was not found.

· "Berry Berry Mochajaba Coola" Tall: 540 yen including tax Grande: 580 yen including tax
Next, I will drink a plenty of whipped cream and a berry topped with "Berry Berry Mochajaba Coola" on top of the frozen drink "Jabacoola" based on the stock solution of Seattle's Best Coffee Toddy Coffee (watering coffee).

Whipped cream and berries are the same as "Berry Berry Milk Cooler".

That's why Pakuri is at once. The compatibility of the fragrant mochajaba cooler used in "Berry Berry Mochajaba Coola" with a mellow whipped cream is also good this. Milk cooler and whipped cream of "Berry Berry Milk Cooler" seemed to have the same taste complementing each other, but the mochajaba cooler and whipped cream have completely different taste directions, but together If you eat it you can feel both goodness more firmly. Of course, compatibility with berries and others is outstanding, refreshing refreshing refreshing flavor as a whole.

When eating with only Mokajaba cooler, I feel a slight sweetness in the back of the gentle bitterness and the scent of coffee, even this alone is quite level. There is less habit and less flavor as it is likely to continue eating endlessly, and compatibility with ice of finely crushed jarrijari is also good.

Still, when you eat with whipped cream, it melts at a stretch, and this is a taste that can not be thrown away by this.

Both of them can be eaten as dessert rather than drinks, but it was not too sweet and drinkable as a drink, even if you drank things that melted in the mushrooms.

Berry Berry Milk Cooler and Berry Berry Mochajaba Coola are seasonal products and selling from August 13 (Thursday) 2015 to September 30, 2015 (Wednesday) that it may end earlier than planned It is.

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