Local movies & photos summary at the moment when the warehouse of China · Tianjin exploded in a large scale

Late at night on August 12, 2015, it is reported that a violent explosion occurred in the warehouse that kept dangerous goods in Tianjin, China. The explosion took place several times and according to state media of China it is reported that 17 people died at 7 am on August 13, more than 300 people were hospitalized in hospital, etc. It is said that damage has occurred.

Explosion at the Chinese warehouse 17 people death hundreds of people bark Injured NHK News

A massive explosion in Tianjin Binhai New Area already killed 17 people _ Xin Hua Japanese

It is reported that the accident occurred in a dangerous goods storage warehouse belonging to Rui Hai Company, operated by a private company located in the Tianjin Port International Logistics Center, and it is reported that the head of the affiliated company was detained by the authorities.

Tianjin warehouse explosion death toll 17 people seriously injured 32 people company responsible detained _ Xinhua Japanese

A movie that is open to the public that the state of the accident was put in the public has been released.

Tianjin Binhai New District 开发 区 explosion 视频 4 - YouTube

The movie begins after the initial explosion has taken place. From the fact that it is a portrait screen, it will be transmitted in a panic, bringing out the smartphone and shooting.

It was a flame that looked like it was settled once, but the next moment ......

A huge fireball appeared. A sight that feels chilly when I think that there were people in this. People who were shooting also give a voice without thinking "WAR!".

A fireball that burns while giving off big smoke.

Immediately after that, a bomb sound similar to the shock wave called "Ban!" Came. Surprisingly the cameras also blended.

A flaming flame. The sight that the flying objects splashed by the explosion falls is a hell picture.

After the explosion, the scale of the fire seems to be getting smaller, but it is thought that the damage is still expanding in the field.

In response to the accident, it seems that many comments have been posted on Chinese social media "Weibo". As well as the situation of the damage, comments etc that cared about people involved.

Some of the injured people were also seen. (Click to remove mosaic)

SNS site ofTencent QQThe image found in this is like this. A movie shot from a place closer to the explosion place, containing a state of a violent explosion.


A flaming flame.

A sudden explosion happens.

Between the fireball and the photographer, something like a straight wall was visible ......

There was a shining scene blowing off by the blast. In addition, in the comment field of this movie, a message that seems to mean "I'm not dead" is written.

Also on the website of the state-owned media "Xinhua Tsuninobu" in China, the picture showing the state of the damage is released.

Tianjin Binhai New District Crisis article Warehouse Explosion Death toll Number of people increase 17 people _ 图片 频道 _ 新 网 网

A crimson flame that burns everything. According to the explanation of the site, the explosion occurred "Tianjin Port International Logistics Center (Tianjin Port International Distribution Center)" adjacent to Tianjin Port. Because Tianjin Port is a key hub of China's trade and it is an important export base for minerals and automobiles, the impact of this accident should not be small.

Car and fireman who burns flames and burns.

You can see that a tremendous number of cars were damaged when the night dawned.

Vehicle storage area adjacent to the explosion point

Workers who evacuate just as they arrived

Window glass which seems to have been blown off by shock wave

It seems that the stone that flew through the blast was enough to shock the ground.

The whole picture of the accident is still thought to be clarified in the future, but I'd like to hope that the damage is minimal. Also, I am concerned about the safety of Japanese expatriates and tourists staying at the site.

2015/08/13 18:32 Addition
A total of 520 people including 66 people who died or injured 44 people received treatmentIt is said that the range of several kilometers is off limits. The scale of this explosion is how24 tons of gunpowder, And the dead included more than 10 firefighters. In addition, local people say "Suddenly there was a big explosion and tremor when I was watching TV, all the window glass broke. At first, I could not understand what happened and I thought Japan might have been attackingIt also tells us the magnitude of the impact.

The following movies are coincidentally photographed from the first explosion, the first explosion at 12 seconds, the shock wave has come around 19 seconds, the second large explosion occurred in 44 seconds and the screen Is wrapped in a white flash, shock waves and roaring sounds from 52 seconds to 56 seconds.

Tianjin Yuan second bomb, field calls 喊 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 - YouTube

2015/08/13 18: 47
Those which are made to be images taken by surveillance cameras are also made public, so you can see the shockwave's spectacular.

Tianjin Bombardment Troubleshooting Payload - YouTube

Also, in the following movies, various images uploaded so far are gathered up.

Long Straight Tsu Binhai New Area Explosive Momentary Field Phantom Vibe - YouTube

furtherPictures of Tianjin explosion trail droneIt is open to the public, and you can see traces of tremendous destruction caused by the explosion.

[LATEST] Drone Footage of Massive Explosion Site in Tianjin, China Sailing Tianjin Bombardment After the Field Harmony Okinawa Smoke Denge 罩 - YouTube

2015/08/13 19:09 Addition
drive recorderThe following movie succeeded in recording from the first explosion with. The first explosion occurred in 7 seconds, and immediately after the shock wave the body and the surroundings are swinging at the same time, you can see that the photograph was taken in a very close range. And the driver who felt danger slowly backed the car and a second explosion and flashing occurred in 39 seconds.

Line Car Registration Recording Beat Tou Ten Tsu Second Bomb - YouTube

2015/08/13 19:31 Addition
YouTube has released a movie that tells the scene of the scene overnight.

Large scale explosion in China · Tianjin, devastation on the scene after one night 17 dead, more than 400 hospitalized in Tianjin blasts - YouTube

Large scale explosion in China · Tianjin, a trace of a tremendous blast 17 dead, more than 400 hospitalized in Tianjin blasts - YouTube

2015/08/13 19:46 Addition
A movie that took a picture of the explosion site by passing by the automobile near the scene where it opened a whole night is released.

Domestic 朋友 eloc speed 递 - Chen 拍 摄 摄 的 Tianjin Bombardment site - YouTube

2015/08/15 19:41 Additional note
Added 720P HD quality movie filmed near the scene. The state of a tremendous explosion / large flame is recorded.

Super Taijin explosion tianjin explosion 720p - YouTube

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