A compact biochemical sensor that can acquire data for cancer treatment in real time

There are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. as countermeasures against "cancer" that 8 million people die every year in the world, but sensors that can measure cancer treatment in real time in real time Was developed by MIT 's Koch Institute.

Real-time data for cancer therapy | MIT News

This is an image of the biochemical sensor.

The actual size is about the size you pinch at the tip of the tweezers.

Although it is still possible to confirm "the size of the tumor currently" by using MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and other scanning techniques in cancer treatment now, how well is the treatment going Currently it is heavily dependent on biopsy to know. Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy do not know the minimum amount of "it works around this", so treatment with a certain level of efficacy will result in significant side effects.

It is useful for this small biochemical sensor. By implanting it in the body at the time of the first biopsy (biopsy), it becomes possible to monitor the patient's data in real time, so that appropriate treatment according to each situation can be done by chemotherapy or radiotherapy Because of that, side effects can be minimized.

Although it is supposed to be mainly used for cancer treatment, for example, Professor Michael Cima who was involved in development, such as being able to be used for environmental monitoring such as examining pH values ​​and dissolved oxygen amounts at different places in ponds and lakes, I am talking.

By the way, Professor Cima is a venture from MITMicrochips / BiotechCo-founder of the company. Microchips · Biotech developed a microchip containing hundreds of drugs in a metal film. This chip can open the membrane by electric control, and if implanted in the body, you can take medicine without injection or medication for up to 16 years.

Major step for implantable drug-delivery device | MIT News

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