"The Chase" gathered the chase scene of movies with everything from cars, bikes and boats

In the action movie, a fiery chase scene with a car chase, a motorcycle, a boat, etc. appears, but a movie "The Chase" that summarizes them at once is released on YouTube.

The Chase - YouTube

Wilderness spreading everywhere.

Sometimes I run a highway ......

I run through a narrow alley.

Chase scene comes out even in animation movies such as "Lupine the Third Castle of Cagliostro".

This is the first time in the world, "Toron" bike racing scene incorporating CG in full.

John Conner escaping with a motorcycle from the T - 1000.

Memphis of legendary automobile thief engines ... ...

I'll pump the engine with "Buon Buon".

Signal ......

Chase starts when it turns green!

I stepped too far and my front wheels floated.

Speaking of car chase, we promise that two cars run in parallel and hit each other.

I feel that I often see scenes where I hit a car on a cliff and try to push my opponent onto a cliff.

Chase scene has motorcycle as well as car.

In "TRON: Legacy", a life cycle game was played with the light cycle in the world of grid inside the computer.

In the car chase, the transcendental driving technique is also one of the attractions. At a speed impossible with "Transporter 3" ......

There was a scene to decide U turn.

A bus that decides a big jump that breaks common sense is a scene of "speed".

Many people stopped breathing for a few seconds as the video became slow motion.

Small boats get caught from the back of another boat ......

A scene that pierces through.

And on a great flame. This is a "face / off" boat chase scene.

Rock and rider decide the jump on the bike.

In "E.T." I escaped from the police car by bicycle to return ET to the house.

Batman chases the joker with a mechanical bat pot.

Tetsuro to bomb on a motorcycle.

Ethan Hunt who goes through a flame with a motorcycle.

Indiana Jones blows up with his father, Henry Jones.

Warboy is watching ... ...

Immutan · Joe's minions on a huge buggy.

I will thrust into a sandstorm of a size that I have never seen.

Trinity is a big jump with key manufacturers behind.

This is one scene of "Wanted".

Fox cut the steering wheel to the left ......

This time it is fully opened to the right.

As the car spins ... ...

Catch the man who was standing at the passenger seat. It is a scene that requires a godly driving skill.

People are sticking to the bonnet is the car chase scene of "Death Proof in Grind House".

The car is running on one wheel ...

A scary thrilling through the tracks.

"Cars" Lightning McQueen makes good use of the wall.

Lupine the third is saying ... ...

I run gravity neglecting the vertical cliff walls.

Automobile deformed suddenly in "Men In Black".

Turbo engine ignition.

I went running the ceiling as it was.

Derolian chased by terrorists escape to the future as it is.

A huge track caught on the wire floating up and rolling over.

Batman uses the wall ... ...

Kurun and direction change.

Sometimes the hero is chasing after a lot of pursuers ....

It is Memphis of "60 Seconds" who stole "Ford Mustang Eleanor 1967 model GT 500 E" being chased by the helicopter.

"GO-BABY-GO" button ......


I thrust up a helicopter that accelerates at a stretch and follows it.

Reverse running which enters dangerous class even in car chase.

It is a powerful full mark that it is dodging the approaching car.

When I am watching it, I will unintentionally raise my voice.

In "Fifth Element", we swiss from top to bottom where fly cars run.

There was a scene in which the motor reversely runs on the expressway even in Matrix Reloaded.

Grasp the handle of a giant tank lorry that the T - 1000 runs, and cut it to the left with a T - 800.

The tank truck rolls as it is.

Here is a scene of a huge truck and tank truck.

Cut the handle to block the road.

The road is blocked only at the back of the truck.

A scene where a big truck rolls over or obstructs the way comes out frequently in the car chase scene.

At the end, the Max Rochatanski of "Mad Max 2" wears the engine and the movie is over.

The movies that appear in the movie are as follows.
"Brit"(Director Peter Yates in 1968)
"Clash"(Director Stephen Spielberg in 1971)
"French Connection"(Director William Friedkin in 1971)
"Transum 7000"(Director Hal Needham in 1977)
"The driver"(Director of Walter · Hill, 1978)
"Mad Max"(1979, directed by George Miller)
"Lupine the Third Castle of Cagliostro"(Director Hayao Miyazaki in 1979)
"Mad Max 2"(1981, Mad Max 2)
"E. T."(Director Stephen Spielberg in 1982)
"TRON"(Stephen Rizburger, director of 1982)
"Back to the Future"(Directed by Robert Zemeckis in 1985)
"L.A. Dai Search Line / Wolf Street City"(Director William Friedkin in 1985)
"AKIRA"(Director Katsuhiro Otomo in 1988)
"Indiana Jones / The Last Jihad"(Director Stephen Spielberg in 1989)
"Terminator 2"(Directed by James Cameron in 1991)
"Thunder Heart"(Directed by Michael Apted in 1992)
"True Rise"(Directed by James Cameron in 1994)
"speed"(Director of Jan De Bonn in 1994)
"Toy Story"(Director of John Lasseter in 1995)
"Brake down"(Director Jonathan Mostowau in 1997)
"Face / Off"(Director John Woo in 1997)
"Men In Black"(Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld in 1997)
"Fifth element"(Directed by Luc Besson in 1997)
"RONIN"(Directed by John Frankenheimer in 1998)
"60 Seconds"(Directed by Dominic Senna in 2000)
"Mission: Impossible 2"(Director John Woo in 2000)
"wild speed"(Directed by Rob Cohen in 2001)
"Bourne Identity"(Director Doug Lehmann in 2002)
"Mini Mini Battle"(Directed by F · Gary Gray in 2003)
"Matrix Reloaded"(Directed by Larry Wachowski, Director Andy Wachowski in 2003)
"Born Supremacy"(2004, Directed by Paul Greenglass)
"Batman Begins"(Directed by Christopher Nolan in 2005)
"Cars"(Directed by John Lasseter, Joe Rumfto in 2006)
"Death Proof in Grindhouse"(Director Quentin Tarantino, 2007)
"dark Knight"(2008, director Christopher Nolan)
"Transporter 3 Unlimited"(Directed by Luc Besson in 2008)
"Wanted"(Directed by Timuru Becumanbetov in 2008)
"TRON: Legacy"(Directed by Joseph Kosinsky in 2010)
"Drive"(Directed by Nicolas · Winding · Lehnn in 2011)
"Mission: Impossible / Ghost Protocol"(Brad Bird coach in 2011)
"Outlaw"(Directed by Christopher · McCully, 2012)
"Mad Max Max's Angry Death Road"(Director George Miller in 2015)

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