BMW unveils a short movie full of action-packed action with Hollywood movies deeply impressed on PR of the new 5 series

In BMW's 2017 model's new 5 series PR, "Dirstrict 9 (9th district)"Neil BromcampDirected by King Arthur'sClive Owen, I Am Sam'sDakota FanningThey serve as starring, full-fledged short movie "The Escape"Has been released. It is made to be stunned by the scale of the promotion scale of BMW to the powerful movie of the Hollywood movie recklessly.

BMW Films: The Escape - YouTube

Clone human who plays Fanning "Lily"

It is FBI 's special unit that tries to deprive Lily.

Arrive at the facility.

The FBI will enter the building.

Covering from the air with a helicopter.

Ruffle the door and rush.

Knowing the arrival of FBI and moving Lilly John Bansar's "Holt"

Special unit of FBI opens the door ......

The explosive bomb exploded in a big way.

Two people rushing to the basement listening to the explosion sound.

BMW arrived at the underground parking lot.

Holt pushes Lily to the back seat.

It seems to try to escape to prevent Lily from being deprived by FBI.

A reward money was handed to the driver who plays Owen.

The facility wall opens ......

BMW popped out.

Cool drift driver.

FBI is a battle with a gun.

Barricades made with police car ......

Break through and break through.

BMW also pierces the gap and jumps out.

Car chase started.

Cool drivers everywhere.

A fierce car crash scene by Holt's unit and special forces of FBI.

Tracking continues from the air.

Holt's troops backing Lilly repel FBI with a gun.

"This is the world, I see it with this eyes for the first time," Lily who mutters.

"Have you never seen it?"

Holt yelled, "Shut up! Do not talk."

At that time, the driver sharply cuts the steering wheel ......

BMW was in a side street.

Holt that pierces the gun at the head of the driver.

Begin the countdown as "Stop the car."

In a tense car.

With the count "one", when stepping on the brake ... ...

The gun shot a windowpane.

A quick driver to take a gun and strike Holt's head.

The FBI approaches.

'Get out of the car'

Holt gets out of the car ......

BMW ran away with Lily on.

BMW to run through the highway at a tremendous speed.

Holt starts tracking with a helicopter.

It is a powerful car chase scene.

I got a bullet from the helicopter in the bonnet.

A trailer who overturned with a helicopter shoots the way.

The helicopter descended ......

Holt lands on the hood.

Turning the gun ... ....

Suddenly retreat.

BMW who shake off Holt ......

How, I draw a helicopter with wire.

Helicopter and helicopter pulled to the ground.

By unrelenting counterattack ... ...

Helicopter contacts the elevated.

The rotor was destroyed and crashed.

Helicopter flies.

Holt who stood up makes the stare happen.

Cool drivers everywhere.

After this, please check with the movie to see what kind of ending will come.

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