When you try experiencing how pet that was left in the car in the scorching sun is miserable it becomes like this


The temperature inside the car rises much faster than the outdoor speed, "Because it's for a while" and leaving the pet in the car, the pet's life is endangered as well. In the United States a man who destroyed the car to help the dog trapped in a car under the scorching sunArrested caseThere was also, but, how much can you actually bear? That's why football players are stretched and experimenting.

How Long Can This NFL Player Tough It Out in a Hot Car? - YouTube

What we are doing experiments this timeArizona CardinalsofThailand · Matthewplayer. In the scorching sun beyond 30 degrees, I will enter a black car left for a while.

The glittering sun.

Matthew to get in the car.

At the moment of closing the door I murmured "What a thing!"

It seems to be hot already, I will paddle my neck with a patchy with my back.

In the scorching sun, 2 minutes passed. The temperature in the car is 36 degrees.

Matthew who flutters the shirt and raises the wind.

Four minutes have passed. The temperature inside the car exceeded 40 degrees,

Matthew wiping sweat with a shirt.

Sweat makes shirt color gradually changing. "I could not imagine that a dog in the car was seeing such a thing, a dog is a family, I should treat it like a loved one ..." while talking about it.

"I can not wait to go outside"

After six minutes, the temperature inside the car rose to 45 degrees.

Matthew wiping the face sweat with both hands. Even the hands and arms are getting sweaty.

The number of words has also decreased, and it seems to be unpleasant only by looking at it.

I'm getting scared of my shirt to somehow feel the wind.

Eight minutes have elapsed, now the interior of the car is at 48 degrees.

I am sweating a lot.

I just went out outside just to be patient.

It seems that the inside of the car in the hot weather was such a harsh environment that the athlete can say "I can not do it any more" in 8 minutes after entering the car.

Even if you open a part of the window, if the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside the car easily reaches nearly 50 degrees. Because the dog does not sweat, if the temperature inside the car exceeds 40 degrees, the heat stroke suffers and the internal organs will weaken.

Matthew got out of the car in eight minutes, but the dog can not leave the car.

If you discover that a dog is left in the car in the scorching sun, you inform the 911 in America of 119 in Japan, please do not leave the dog by the owner or the police until the police arrives.

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