I tried to eat cold noodles cold udon noodle with Kanzhou Minami Takashi plum · Nekko · chopped stalks wasabi · warm balls refreshing cold udon

You can enjoy the four cold udon which used coarse fluffy radish "grated ogre" plenty "Demon grated cool cold fair"Starting on July 23, 2015, it is starting to turn lazy udon. It is said that you can choose your favorite one from Kishu Minami Takashi · Nanjiko · Namiko · chopped stems · Wakabama · chopped toppings and enjoy a refreshing and refreshing menu which is perfect for hot summers, so what kind of taste I went to eat to see if it has become.

"Oni grated cool cold fair" starts on July 23! | Udon noodles

That's why I went to Yumenumadori to eat an ogre and cool cold.

Outside the store is a gigantic poster advertising a giant cold chick. Ogres Oshima Cooling is provided for a limited time.

I also found a signboard for publicity in the store.

When you place an order, you get this kind of fan, which has a coupon ticket that you can discount 50 yen for each item on average.

This time there are 4 kinds of "Oguri Oroshi Daikon radish and Kishu Minami Takashi plum" which is offered at the demon grated cold shop fair "Demon Oroshi Daikon and Nimiko", "Oshi Oryutake radish and chopped stem wasabi", "Oshiro grated radish and warm ball" I ordered the size of cold udon noodles.

This is "Okinawa Oshima radish and Kishu Minami Takashi plum". Kishu Minami Takashi plums are featured in a bit.

The size of medium size is about this size compared with iPhone 6.

This is about the height.

The topping of "Demon Oshi Daikon radish and Kishu Minami Takashi plum" is the same as Kishu Minami Takashi, Oguri Ogoshi, Blue Onion, and Bonito Band, this is the same even if you have another demon grated cool.

Because it is cold udon, soy sauce is using cold things, so it seems that noodles will be sporadic even if you eat slowly.

First of all, if you leave Ogi Oroshi and Minami Takumi and try to eat only noodles, the compatibility of the cold soup stock with the Kosi noodles and the salted ingredients while the salted soup stock flavored is very good, the appetite in the summer is bite Even if it is declining it is a bitter taste that can be eaten slippery.

Minami Takashi has a sour, but it is too acidic and has a smooth taste rather than salt, when you eat it with salted discreet soup, the salt and acidity of the plum combine to change more flavorfully. The roughly scraped ogre Oroshi has made it more refreshing and it feels good to have a crispy texture as well. Even if you do not have appetite in summer, it tastes like thrills can be eaten. However, it is necessary for you to pick up from the bottom well and tangle with noodles because the giant monsters are sinking to the bottom of the tsubo sooner because the shavings are rough.

This is how it gets accumulated on the bottom of the soup, so you need to devise a way to eat to eat cleanly.

Next we will eat "Onigame Oshiro Daikon and Nomako".

A lot of topping was done.

Nanjiko is unexpectedly easy to taste, the stickiness is less, the texture is silky.

Good food when eating with noodles, a crisp texture of ome grated odor, and a strange texture combined with osmanthus noodles are good.

Next, I will eat "Oshiro Oshiri radish and chopped stems wasabi."

Sticky shredded shoots Wasabi, when eaten by itself, has a very strong flavor, and the tan spicy attacks eyes and nose.

The amount is only this, but if it melts in tsu, the tsu will gradually upgrade to a tingy and spicy taste, it will become a punchy taste that is not on the other demon grated cold udon. It is good that you can taste two different textures of shakuyaki 's stems and crunchy goblins each time you chew a cranberry noodle.

However, because only a couple of grains of stem wasabi plus enough bitterness, it seems better to keep it soaked in too much.

At the end we will eat "Onigame Oshiro Daikon and Warm Ball".

A big warm ball is on the wall ......

I broke this with Pakari.

The compatibility of warm balls and noodles is quite satisfactory, and the presence of warm balls that change mildly the soup's soup is Pikaichi. However, the impression that the presence of Onigashi was lower compared to the other three types.

In addition, the price of "Okishi Oshima radish and Kishu Minami Takashi plum" provided by Onigashi grated cold shop fair "Oguri Oroshi Daikon and Nomeko", "Oshi Oryutake radish and chopped stalk wasabi", "Okishi Oryoshi radish and Warm ball" is small Tax included 400 yen, middle tax included 500 yen, large including 600 yen including tax, except for some stores nationwide are served at Udon Udon stores.

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