Pocket-sized synth "Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator" series that fits comfortably in the palm

Combine sound patterns to create rhythm tracks and make music with various soundssynthesizerSpeaking of image, I tend to image a large body and keyboard, but Teenage Engineering announced "Pocket Operator"Series has become a very compact pocket-sized synth that fits in the palm of the hand.

Teenage engineering - pocket operator 10 series

These three are synths of "Pocket Operator" series released by Teenage Engineering. PO - 12 is a so - called "upper mono" synthesizer which mainly plays drums and other rhythms, PO - 14 is the base, and PO - 16 is mainly melody and chord.

When I actually bring the PO series into my hand, it looks something like this, its size is exactly the size of the palm. It does not have a keyboard as imagined from "synthesizer", and a poppy punch and a press type button are directly soldered on the board.

The three models were born in collaboration with the fashion brand "Cheap Monday", and the shape of the main body and the design of the liquid crystal part are different from what is called a musical instrument. There is something like a hook hole at the top of the main unit, but it looks like it is sometimes caught while being hooked up when actually being arranged at the shop front.

It is like a body that just pulled the board out of the instrument. Green "rhythm" in charge of rhythm is designed with liquid crystal part as a motif of sewing machine.

The sub-marine (submarine) design is on the "sub" which handles the base. I can tell by watching the movie, but it looks cute as if the character of the liquid crystal moves around with the Picopic according to the performance.

And, "fatory" in charge of melody is literally a factory atmosphere with cranes and forklifts drawn.

A movie that actually tried to play each synth is also made public. This is how you are driving a rhythm track with PO - 12 rhythm. The Pocket Operator series has a built-in 16 step sequencer.

PO-12 rhythm - YouTube

It seems like this is driving PO-14 sub. The two knobs in the upper right are filters, and as you move the grill, the tone will rise as the tone changes dynamically.

PO - 14 sub - YouTube

And it looks like you are driving in PO - 16 factory which becomes the upper thing. Since the grin and the timbre change more than PO - 14 sub, it seems that there is a possibility of driving.

PO-16 factory - YouTube

Interesting in this series is that you can synchronize playing by connecting three synths with a cable. By connecting the three, it seems that a variety of performances that could not be achieved by itself can be made possible.

PO sync - YouTube

Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operator series are currently on sale at music stores and so on at 9800 yen each.

PO Series | Media Integration, Inc.

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