Nokia uses drones for maintenance of mobile phone base stations instead of humans

Amazon Delivery Service with Drone "Amazon Prime AirWe are conducting the introduction test of Singapore restaurantsDrone used as a waiterThere are companies that replace the work that had been done by a human hand with drones. Nokia Networks, a subsidiary of Nokia, is working on testing the maintenance of mobile phone base stations using drones, as the movement to introduce drone is becoming active.

Nokia Networks, du first in UAE to use telco drones for better network planning & faster optimization | Nokia

Nokia Networks is a mobile phone operator in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) "Du"We announced that we will use drones for maintenance of the radio wave environment of cellular phone base stations, survey of base stations, and line of sight testing of wireless communication. The maintenance of the radio wave environment will be done to ensure stable network connection and communication speed in the city when major events are held at Dubai International Stadium with a capacity of 25,000 people.

Drone used for maintenance carries a smartphone and collects and analyzes network data while flying. Traditionally, the maintenance work that the engineer was doing while moving, but by introducing the drone, business speed will be improved and work will become more efficient. Also, network data gathered by Drone is automatically sent to the server, so it seems that it will be able to respond immediately even if something happens to the network.

The drone introduced by Nokia performs not only network maintenance but also mobile phone base station survey. In a survey of an ordinary mobile phone base station, it is necessary for an engineer to actually go up to a base station, and there was a risk of risking the life of an employee due to unseasonable weather. However, in the future, the drone with the camera will investigate on behalf of the engineer, so it seems that the danger in the work is considerably reduced.

It is also decided that drones will be introduced into the "line of sight test" to check whether the communication radio waves called microwaves transmitted by mobile phone base stations are not affected by obstacles such as big trees and buildings. With the introduction of the drone, it is expected that the labor cost will be dramatically reduced and the time taken for work will be reduced. Originally it was a big appeal of Drone to be able to easily shoot from the air, but it seems to say that how to use it has increased without stopping.

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