Akira's trailer-like animation "Bartkira the Animated", "Please do not appeal" at the beginning

Kotohiro Otomo made his original animated cartoon "AKIRAAnimation movie made exactly like the trailer of "Bartkira the Animated'S trailer is on YouTube.

Bartkira the Animated Trailer - YouTube

Trailers starting with the message "Do not sue us!"

"Neo ahead of the 2019 Olympics in the following yearSpringfield"

Devastated town

"What did the boys see that night?"

Skateboard ride Bart

A skateboarder jumped into the restaurant by sprinkling the window of the restaurant

The boy whose skin color is blue showed the figure from the bomb smoke

What is "super-confidential plan" that sleeps underground? The biggest topic of the year appeared! "

I will descend underground with a huge elevator.

And the title, "BARTKIRA (Bartkilla)".

It should be known to those who understand before the title comes out, but this is a parody of AKIRA's trailer made with The Simpsons' character. Although the audio track is used as it is, with regard to the picture it is replaced by the character of The Simpsons, cut cut and movement etc. reproduce the trailer of AKIRA as faithfully as possible. Therefore, although the title is "Burkkira", "Akira" appears in the dialogue. Originally, Bart was assigned not role of Akira but role of Kaneda ... ....

A scene where the colonel visits the girls

Government guerrilla to escape Takashi

Miyako Miyako

"Alright Tetsuo, are you going to kill me?"

"Noisy! Instruct me!"

"It might be touched that power ... ...."

Endrol is credited with the names of many animators, special thanks are "AKIRA" original director · Katsuhiro Otomo, mat · graining of "The Simpsons", and "Too and FOX full of humor" lawyers It is dedicated to. Finally repeat the message "Do not sue us" repeatedly.

The original trailer which seems to be underlay is like this.

Akira - Trailer (1988) HD - YouTube

By the way, there is an official website in this "Bartkilla", and the contents of Volume 3 are released to the present at the time like "AKIRA" fan comic.

Bartkira.com - Catalog

For example, the cover of Volume 1 looks something like this.

Volume 1 - bartkira.com

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