Amazon will implement the world big sale commemorating the 20th anniversary on 15th July

In commemoration of Amazon's biggest mail order Amazon celebrating its 20th anniversary, on July 15, we sell "Prime Day" sale to nine countries in the United States, Japan, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Austria Announced that it will be implemented in. | Mail order - From fashion, home electronics to food 【FREE Standard shipping】

Prime day

It is said that special products that only available on will be bargain, in addition to popular items such as home appliances, cameras, digital equipment, watches, bags, accessories, toys, furniture, cosmetics, groceries, and DVDs Sale.

It is conditional on Amazon prime members, but it is ok for a 30 day prime member free experience,Amazon StudentMembers are also included.

Also, "Lifestyle photo contest with Amazon prime" will be held. One winner in each country is awarded Amazon Gift Certificates for $ 10,000 (about 1,230,000 yen).

Competition entry requirements are the first holder of the prime account, so you can participate even if you have not purchased the item. With the theme of "life with prime", send photos of the moment that you felt happy for each and only one person, and you like the Facebook account of "Like"!

Amazon Prime living life photo contest

◆ 2015/07/14 11:30 added
Some of the "Prime Day" special sale has been pre-published, including "fashion related goods and miscellaneous goods," "Yoshitaka Amano" Apocalypse "original picture 12 points + DVD set (total 200 million yen)", We have a lineup of plans that can be cited for 200,000 yen in wedding ceremonies in Hawaii. Part of the "Prime Day" special sale pre-published!

◆ Yoshitaka Amano "Apocalypse" original picture 12 points + DVD set
Mr. Yoshitaka Amano who served as a character designer of the familiar "Final Fantasy" series got inspiration from the New Testament "Revelation of John" and the "Apocalypse" drawn on 12 sheets of acrylic board is limited to prime day Sales. It is a set of 12 original images and DVDs, the total amount is 200 million yen. When purchasing, settle at 5 million yen and the remaining 195 million yen will be deposited by bank transfer also makes the scale feel. Amano Yoshitaka Store: DVD

◆ Star Wars: Battle Pod Feature | STAR WARS BATTLE POD
Star Wars: Battle Pod / Premium Edition "and" Star Wars: Battle Pod / Standard Edition ", which are supposed to be originally set up at game centers etc, are also sold. It is a valuable opportunity to get a chassis even for general users. Price, purchase method, loading method etc will be released on 15th July.

Star Wars: Battle Pod Feature | STAR WARS BATTLE POD - Mail Order |

◆ A5 Matsusaka beef beef fillet 1 head (about 6 kg)
At Prime Day, it is also possible to purchase whole beef fillet located at the highest A5 rank in Matsusaka bee as whole. The price is premium thing of 600,000 yen at 6 kg for 1 head. A5 Matsusaka Beef Beef fillet 1 head (about 6 kg = (150 g × 3) / box × 15 box) ※ The picture is for 1 box: food · beverage · liquor mail order

◆ Domestic Limited 1 European tradition and history grand piano "Queen An"
A grand piano that is made for each one by craftsmen at Estonia Tallinn appeared in one domestic only. The price will be announced on July 15th. The action mechanism is German · Renner system which the world's top piano selects, it is limited to one custom-made product. Estonian Grand Piano 168 Queen Ann: Instrument

◆ Ultra high end water cooled PC "Gaming water cooled PC Special Edition Powered by ASUS ROG" cost over 2 million yen over
Although it is not preliminarily announced on Amazon's special page, it has a 3-way SLI configuration of the graphic board "GeForce GTX TITAN X" and is equipped with 1.2 TB Intel SSD and 8 core CPU "Core i 7 - 5960 X Extreme Edition" Adopted, ASUSTeK Computer made G-SYNC compatible 27 inch liquid crystal display "PG 278 Q" comes with special product spec PC featuring a transcendent spec. According to the article of 4, the total amount of parts exceeds 1.5 million yen, the total amount of PC tuned by Mr. Takahiro Shimizu which is a global overclocker reaches more than 2 million. It seems that attention will be gathered as to how much the actual selling price will actually be.

Cost total over 2 million yen?? Full specification of liquid custom PC sold at Amazon sale "Prime Day" on July 15th turned out -

◆ 2015/07/14 16:45 Addendum
The commodity appearing on "Time Sale" on the day of "Prime Day" starting at 0 on July 15 was released. A wide range of merchandise such as brand bags and cosmetics, vacuum cleaners and cameras, bicycles and scooters seems to be increasingly added every hour.

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