A challenge arrives from the United States to the huge robot "Kuratasu" that people can ride and operate

Humanoid quadruped engine developed by Suidobashi Heavy Industries A giant robot that moves with people on the ground driven battle type,Cratas"is. For this Kurasutasu America robot development team "Megabot"Is seeking a battle between gigantic robots, how a challenge is sent to Kuratas on YouTube.

The movie that Megabot kicks in to Kurasutasu can be seen from the following.


Two men who wearing the American flag wearing a gigantic warehouse will introduce megabots "Welcome to the mega-bot headquarters, the center of the state-of-the-art research on the American West".

"It was born here that the explanation is being made as Megabot 2 (Mark-2) completed at the end of American invention and guts achievement ... ...

Fire behind!

The explanation will continue as if nothing had happened. "We just completed the final screw stop of a full-function pilot-type gigantic robot originating in America, and finally completed it."

"As you know, Americans, it's amazing what we've put on this robot ..."

And here you can see the working landscape of the robot as chill. It looks like something like welding parts.

Sparks splash and flicker.

Cut the metal which becomes the material of the robot.


The bolt is tightened ......

It seems that she is making big "something".

Caterpillar was lifted by crane ......

It will be carried to somewhere.

Join the body and legs of the gigantic Robo.

I will install the huge "something" I was making earlier.

And the male of the narration told "It is a gun!", A gun that is too big.

The muzzle looks like the following.

It seems that two types of guns are loaded.

Finally the whole picture of "Megabot" is revealed. Compared with people standing around, the size is overwhelming.

MegaBot controls movement by getting people inside.

The lever of the cockpit seems to be as follows.

Fire paint bullets from the loaded guns!

I tried to shoot a car that stopped a little farther ......

Pencil bullets scattered through the glass and scattered inside the car.

The shot car looks like the following.

"This Unit 2 is a mass of anger of 5,400 kg that uses gasoline as fuel"

"It is operated with two teams, and 1 kg paint shell can be launched at 160 km / h"

Posing as soon as two men in front of mega-bot 2 and giant paint gun say "How".

However, "Unfortunately this Unit 2 could not be the world's first giant robot to fight."

Because Kuritasu developed by Japan Aqueduct, Heavy Industries, Ltd. was ahead of us.

For more information on Kurasutasu you can read the following article.

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Kuratas has two Gatling guns ......

Ultra high precision targeting system and ... ...

A giant robot with a weight of 4000 kg, equipped with a full head up display.

"Aqueduct! We have a huge robot, you also have a huge robot"

"Do you know what you need next? We will apply for a duel."

"Robots need to be remodeled to fight, so please prepare well and choose the battlefield". And, "After a year, let's fight there," and the movie is over.

Is it really a battle between gigantic robots really realized ...?

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