New wallpaper of Windows 10 was made like this

Decided to be offered for 190 languages ​​and 111 languages ​​in the summer of 2015Microsoft's latest OS is "Windows 10"is. The wallpaper displayed on the desktop is decided by such default setting of Windows 10, and a movie which shows how the new wallpaper was taken was also released.

Windows 10 Hero Desktop Image | Behind the Scenes - YouTube

Huge glass brought in

Windows logo is printed on the surface.

Glass was set in the shooting space surrounded by the blackout.

Various other equipment is carried in one after another, but how do you use it all together ...?

Two PCs are used for shooting wallpaper ......

Projector of EPSON.

Apparently it seems to be outputting something with the projector on the Windows logo printed on the glass.

That's why I started shooting with the light falling down.

Pattern reflected on Windows logo on PC side ......

It seems to be changing.

Various patterns are output from the projector. Instead of trying to take a single picture, it seems as if you are shooting a single projection mapping image.

Adjusting the light intensity of the projector will change the impression of the logo dramatically. Apparently it seems that various ways of seeing are being checked before actual shooting.

I'm thinking about that ... ....

In the PC screen on the left, the image of the wallpaper shooting camera is displayed, and the camera shutter speed and various settings are also displayed together.

For shooting cameras DenmarkPhase One Camera SystemsUse the one of.

Subsequently, using a color filter to produce a colorful logo ......

Using a laser to make the edge of the logo intensified ......

I will try various effects and trial and error.

Simple version

Logo pattern

Trimming with a laser

Light is spilled further from the edge, more fantastically.

There is also a pink version.

Maximum light intensity Max logo brilliant. By using smog, the logo changes to a divine appearance as never before.

A slightly reduced version of the ... ...

It became PC wallpaper. This is the new wallpaper "Hero Desktop Image" of Windows 10.

In addition, photography is a famous design director based in San Francisco based inBradley G. MunkowitzMr. cooperates.

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