How to stop Twitter's automatic video playback function

Twitter has changed the function so that movies and GIF animations attached to tweets are automatically played.

Video on Twitter becomes automatic playback | Twitter Blogs

According to Twitter, it was necessary to click / tap a button to play a movie on Twitter, but I changed it to play automatically to reduce this trouble. The movie is set to mute the audio during automatic playback, so you can avoid circumstances such as a sudden movie being played and a bang sound rings off.

In addition, when you tap a movie to be automatically played, the image will be enlarged as soon as sound is output. "By automatically playing the movie without sound, it will become easier to know in advance what kind of movie it is, and the real-time information tweets will come down one after another and the missed video on the timeline may be reduced," Twitter I'm explaining.

If the automatic playback function of the movie is troublesome, you can also opt out. People using the PC ""People using the application can change from" Setting ".

To stop the automatic video playback function on iPhone 6, tap "Account".

Tap "Gear" icon.

Tap "Settings".

Tap "Auto play movie".

If you check "Do not play movies automatically" OK. In addition, you can also select automatic playback only on Wi-Fi connection on this screen.

Also, with this change, Twitter's advertising movieClick charge typeHowever, it has been changed so that advertisement fee will be generated at the time 3 seconds have elapsed since the advertisement movie was displayed 100% on the timeline

New standard to judge whether automatic playback of videos and movies were seen | Twitter Blogs

"The criterion (viewability) on whether or not a movie was seen is a view that should be emphasized from the viewpoint of the effect and ROI in every campaign.I also think that it is important for the platform side to understand them.Twitter We are hoping to provide high value and build deeper connections with users and evolve to evolve video products to satisfy both the brand and Twitter user experience. "Heineken Company Senior Media Director Ron Adams

In addition, the Android version of the Twitter application will also be equipped with the automatic playback function of the movie soon.

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