Nintendo announces Fire Emblem and Metroid Prime latest work

Nintendo was doing "Nintendo Digital Event"so"Fire emblem"Or"Metroid Prime"The latest work of" The illusion storytelling # FE "was announced.

Nintendo Digital Event

Following Starfox and Zelda Musou was announced "Metroid Prime Federation Force" for 3DS.

Metroid Prime Federation Force is a new work of the Metroid Prime series that supports up to four Coops.

This is 3DS "Metroid Prime Blast Ball"

Metroid Prime Blast Ball is a 3: 3 SF Sports Battle.

Both works will be released in 2016.

The next announcement was "Fire Emblem if"

"Fire Emblem if" is a title for 3DS.

"Fire Emblem if" appeared in 2016.

Next is from "ATLUS" "Phantom rallies # FE"

The latest image of "Phantom Hearray # FE" has been released.

A visitor from another world "Mirage"

Those who can compete against human enemies "Mirage Master"

"A story guided by fate and a story of a young man and a hero"

Phantom story ___ FE is going to appear in 2016.

Subsequently, "Written by Xenoblade Chronicles X" exclusive to Wii U

Xenoblade cross which has already been released on April 29, 2015 in Japan.

The date of release of Xenoblade Cross in North America was announced.

The release date of Xenoblade Cross in North America is December 4, 2015.

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"METROID PRIME: FEDERATION FORCE" "Fire Emblem if" "Illusion Shot Phone # FE" "XenobladeX" movie added.

METROID PRIME: FEDERATION FORCE (US name) E3 2015 Exhibition video - YouTube

Fire Emblem if E 3 2015 Exhibition Video - YouTube

Phantom mythography # FE E 3 2015 Exhibition video - YouTube

XenobladeX E3 2015 Exhibition Video - YouTube

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The latest series "Animal Crossing amiibo Festival" playing with animal cross character amiibo and 3DS software "Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer" appeared - GIGAZINE

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