First generation 'MOTHER' delivered at Nintendo's Wii U virtual console, Shigesato Itoi appeared venue excitement

Copywriter Shigisato Itoi games design Nintendo game "MOTHER series"is. Its first work "MOTHER"Wii U Virtual Communication delivers"E3 2015"Was announced.

The trailer of "Mother" can be confirmed from the following movie.

EarthBound Beginnings - E3 2015 Trailer (Wii U) - YouTube

Shimisato Itoi appeared suddenly just before the legendary game competition "Nintendo World Championship 2015" held in Nintendo for the first time in 25 years began.

And announced delivery of "MOTHER" on the Wii U virtual conference.

The release in the West is "EARTHBOUND BEGINNINGS"is.

A nostalgic BGM flows.

Ness appears on the screen.

It was the first time that "MOTHER" was released in Europe and the United States, big clapping was raised from the hall.

The delivery in Japan is decided, and it is said that it will be delivered from around noon on June 15, 2015.

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A special page of 'MOTHER' for virtual consoles has been opened and a message from Mr. Itoi has been released.

Messaging from Mr. Itoi to "MOTHER" delivery

Also, a message from Mr. Itoi can be confirmed from the following movie.

Message when launching the Wii U virtual console "MOTHER" - YouTube

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