I tried using a portable studio "Foldio 2" that can be instantly assembled and easily take high-quality pictures

Even small children can easily carry with one hand with size & weight, portable studio that it can be assembled in about 1 minute and the digital SLR camera and smartphone can easily take upgraded photographs "Foldio 2"is.KickstarterAlthough I finally invested in, I got the real thing at last and so I tried what kind of picture I could take using actually.


You can see how easy it is to use Foldio 2 by watching the following movie.

Cleaning up for "Foldio 2" is easy to get over - YouTube

◆ Photo review
This is "Foldio 2"

On the back side the image used was printed large.

Opening the box ......

Inside there was a bag written "KICKSTARTER × foldio", LED tape light and adapter for Foldio 2, adapter, conversion plug, Y cable.

This is a description of Foldio 2. All instructions are English.

In the bag written as "KICKSTARTER × foldio" ......

Foldio 2 's main body and background paper to use when shooting.

Background paper comes with four colors of gray, white, black, green from the left, and other than white is raised paper.

The body of Foldio 2 is this.

Actually, an adult man with a height of 170 cm brings it in his hand and it feels like this.

When opening with Pakari, the inside is folded in three ... ...

There are two triangular pa-paca open lid parts on each side. Futapatsu can be fixed with a magnet embedded under a white seal.

Attaching the futaparts to each other with a magnet will result in a cube that is open only on one side like this, and you will be shooting with the subject in it.

The contents of the long and thin boxes contained in the large box are LED tape lights and adapters for Foldio 2, conversion plugs, Y letters cable.

This is an LED tape light. Paste it on Foldio 2 and use it.

This is when you take it out of the bag.

A round part attached to the end is a switch for adjusting the light amount.

On the opposite side is a plug for supplying power from the adapter.

The back side is like this, double sided tape for sticking to Foldio 2 is pasted and pasted.

This is an adapter and conversion plug.

When using in Japan, it is ok if you plug the A type conversion plug into the adapter.

And by connecting the attached Y-cable with the adapter, we can simultaneously supply power to two LED tape lights attached to Foldio 2 from one outlet.

That's why I actually connected LED tape light and adapter.

I tried to shine it. The light color of the LED tape light is white, 27 light sources are embedded per one, the color temperature is 5700 K.

That's why, paste the LED tape light on Foldio 2 before use. Pasting is the part of the red frame that sticks out overflowing when Foldio 2 is assembled. There are parts that protrude in two places, but paste two LED tape lights to those who do not have a magnet.

Pelori double sided tape on the back of the LED tape light.

And paste it like this is OK.

It is like this when two are lined up.

After that, since a plate like a red frame is sticking inside the Foldio 2 with a magnet ......

With the background paper in this ... ....

It is OK to set Foldio 2 so that the surface to which the LED tape light is affixed comes to the top and set the background paper to flow downward.

Then plug the adapter plug into the LED tape light ......

You are now ready

By turning the LED tape light switch, the light shines like this and the mini studio is completed.

You can check how you actually assemble Foldio 2 in the following movie.

This is the time required to assemble "Foldio 2" - YouTube

When the background is grayed like this.



When tidying up Foldio 2 it looks like the following.

Cleaning up for "Foldio 2" is easy to get over - YouTube

◆ I actually took a picture with Foldio 2
The camera to be used is Panasonic's mirrorless single-lens "LUMIX GH 4". All photosIA mode(Intelligent auto mode), and ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance etc are all set by the camera by auto. In addition, we have not made any corrections to photos, only resize original ones.

· Background White
PS4 controller

IPhone 6

Apple Watch

· Background gray
PS4 controller

IPhone 6

Apple Watch

· Background Black
PS4 controller

IPhone 6

Apple Watch

Taking a picture without using the intelligent auto mode is like this. I am not going to correct any of the following pictures.

In addition, "Foldio 2" is currently Kickstarter orMakuakeAlthough it seems that it is possible to get only those who contributed to the project from the project, you can purchase "Foldio 1" compact size than "Foldio 2", LED tape lights, background paper etc. from the following.

Foldio shop

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